Ovation Credit Repair 2022

Ovation Credit Repair can help you restore your former credit glory if it has been damaged. It offers an integrated approach to credit repair, beginning with a consultation that is free so you can test it out before buying. It then offers you financial management tools that will help develop good money habits to support your journey of credit repair, as well as traditional services such resolving disputes with creditors and monitoring credit changes.

Ovation Credit Repair offers two different levels of service, along with a variety of discounts. There is no way for you to receive a refund in the event that you are not satisfied. In this case, the company will waive the monthly fee rather than refund the charges from previous services. This review will help you understand exactly what services are included.


It’s not cheap to pay for credit repair. You should carefully research all your options before choosing a company. You’ll get better results and pay less if you take this step first.


Pros Explained


  • Ovation Credit Repair Services has a wide range of discounts: We counted six types of discounts, which is more than most credit repair services.
  • A free consultation is available. Having an actual credit analyst go through your report can help you decide if you’re happy with working with the firm. You could also use this feedback to start your DIY credit repair.
  • Service levels that can be customized:Ovation Credit Repair has two packages of services, as well as an add-on option to help you get going faster if time is a factor.
  • Interactive displays and tools for financial management are available. With one simple online portal, you can see your current status, the help Ovation offers, and what steps you may need to take.


The Cons of Buying a Home


  • There is no money back guarantee.If Ovation does not think you are happy with their service for the month, they will refund your fee. This assumes that you want to keep the service. You can’t refund fees already charged.
  • Only TransUnion credit report is available as a monitoring service: There are three main credit bureaus that record your data (TransUnion Experian and Equifax) but Ovation monitors only one, if you purchase the premium level of service.
  • Different service options for residents of Mississippi and Oregon: Ovation Credit Repair may offer different services and charge different prices in Mississippi or Oregon.



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Service Types


Credit repair can be an extremely complex task. There are many different ways credit repair firms can approach it. Ovation Credit Repair has two packages depending on the amount of help and speed you require.


  • Essentials Plan: $79 per month
  • Essentials Plus Plan: $109 per month.


What you’ll get from each of them.


Professional Credit Analysis


All people start with a complimentary credit assessment with an actual credit analyst. The credit analyst will go through your reports and point out areas for improvement. They can also tell you how Ovation Credit Repair could help you if you hire them.


Credit Disputes


You’ll want to check out the Dispute Tracker on your account online as soon as you have hired Ovation. You can keep track of what you need to do for every inaccurate item on your credit report. Ovation can send you as many credit report corrections as needed per month.


Download Credit Letters


You can unlock template letters to send creditors in order to rebuild your credit if you choose the Essentials Plus Plan, which costs an additional $30 per month. These letters can be used to ask creditors to remove negative marks on your credit report as an act of goodwill, if you have paid all other debts in full or to provide legal proof for any debts that they are trying to collect.


Ovation can also write you a credit recommendation letter if you are planning to apply for a loan in the future. However, these letters do not have legal backing.


Identity Theft Insurance


Ovation Credit Repair provides a limited amount in identity theft coverage if you buy the premium package. Before you purchase, it’s important that you verify the amount of coverage you are eligible for and how long you will be covered.


TransUnion Credit Monitoring


Ovation only offers this service with its Essentials Plus Plan. It will monitor your TransUnion report and let you know of any issues that need your attention, or which could affect your credit. It’s a good service if you have had your identity stolen and want to be on the lookout for future fraud. However, we feel that this is limited.


TransUnion is one of the three major credit bureaus that are commonly used (the others being Equifax and Experian). It’s worthwhile to choose a credit monitoring service that monitors all three bureaus, because sometimes information is only available on certain reports.

Financial Management Tools


Many credit repair firms overlook your financial well-being. While it’s simple to file credit disputes to boost your score quickly, learning how to manage debt over the long-term is much more difficult. Ovation Credit Repair provides financial tools that can help with things such as learning to budget and limiting the amount of debt one needs to borrow. This all contributes to a good credit score.


Additional Add-Ons


Ovation Credit Repair offers two levels of service that are likely to be sufficient for the majority, regardless of whether your credit is in need. If that isn’t enough, Ovation Credit Repair offers a third option, Fast Track.


Consider paying an upfront fee to the Fast Track Program if you want to start right away, and your work mainly involves credit disputes. This program is only offered to those who already pay for the Premium-tier Package. It allows you to bypass lines and get credit dispute resolutions same day.


This doesn’t mean that the dispute will be resolved in a day. It just means they can begin working on it. Fixing the dispute can take a couple of weeks.


Consider skipping the add-on if you’re looking to improve your credit score over a longer period of time, like paying off debts or waiting until negative information (which is accurate) falls off your report. It won’t likely help you achieve your goal any faster.


The Company’s Website


Ovation has many features, but some are missing. The company does not offer services to repair credit for business. The portal’s online interface is also very comprehensive, but it does not offer mobile apps. It does, however, offer financial tools to help you build your credit over time, but it doesn’t offer any specific plans for debt management.

Customer Service


Ovation credit repair is easy to contact. Ovation Credit Repair has several phone numbers and emails for various needs. This allows you to reach your desired person more quickly than using a catch-all number or address.


The phone line is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm EST and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm EST. This makes it easy for professionals who are working to contact them after regular hours. We’d love to have a live-chat option.

Ovation’s postal address is:


Ovation Credit Services, Inc.
P.O. P.O. Box 56137
Jacksonville, FL 32241-6137

Company Reputation


When it comes to credit repairs, you should look for companies with an established track record. Ovation Credit Repair may not be as old as other companies that offer credit repair services, but there are still plenty of testimonials from past and current customers.


Ovation, in particular, has received a rating of 4.6 on Trustpilot. This is based upon over 180 customer reviews. The Better Business Bureau’s website gives a different impression of Ovation, with an overall rating of 3.5 out of 80 customer reviews.


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has three complaints about Ovation on its website is not biased. The complaints are mostly from people who have canceled their service, but still continue to pay monthly charges. This is something you should be aware of when it’s time to move on. It’s not necessary that a lack of CFPB complaint means a company is a great one, so it’s important to listen to what other customers say.

Contract Duration


Ovation Credit Repair does not require that you sign any contracts for a long time, which is a good thing. The monthly payments are flexible. You can either cancel when you feel satisfied or if you don’t like the way things have been moving.


Ovation Credit Repair unfortunately does not provide money back guarantees or refunds for money already paid. The company says that, if they don’t like your service, they will waive the fee that month. However, this does not put money in your pockets from previous months.

The cost of the product

Ovation Credit Repair charges are comparable to industry standards. After your initial consultation you will be charged a $89 one-time fee for the first work, and a subsequent monthly fee depending on which package you choose. Basic Essentials Plans cost $79 a month and Essentials Plus Plans are $109 a month. You’ll also need to pay a one-time fee if you wish for same-day services.

Ovation Credit Repair has many discount options, including discounts for senior citizens, military personnel, customers who switch from other credit repair companies, couples, parents and children, or roommates. ).

What to look for when choosing a credit repair company

It can be difficult to find the best credit repair service for your needs. As you shop around, here are some things to consider:


  • Be specific about your needs: Why do you need help? You want to purchase a home? Stop debt collection calls? Rent an apartment. Rent an apartment?
  • Do not sign contracts or extended service plans: Some credit repair firms may try to get you to sign contracts and long-term agreements that aren’t in your best interest. Look for credit repair companies who allow you to cancel your service at any time.
  • Avoid shady credit repair firms:Ethical companies do not promise to remove inaccurate information or guarantee to raise your score. They also don’t ask for you to tell lies, create new identities, nor will they make false promises.
  • Create a list of three top companies.Contact them and let them know what you think. You can gain more information about the company by observing how it interacts with you, as a prospective customer. They may offer you free consultations or have friendly analysts.

Alternative Choices

Ovation Credit RepairSky Blue Credit RepairThe Credit People Credit Repair
Services OfferedFree credit repair consult
Credit disputes Credit monitoring
Identity theft insurance
Financial management tools
Optional: same-day service
Free credit repair consult
Credit disputes
Credit monitoring
Debt management program
90-day money-back guarantee
Free credit repair consult
Credit disputes
Credit monitoring
90-day money-back guarantee
Max. Number of Monthly DisputesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Letters to CreditorsGoodwill, debt validationGoodwill, cease & desist, debt validationCustomized to your needs
First Work Fee$89$79$19
Minimum Monthly Fee$79$79$79
Customer Service PlatformsEmail, phoneEmail, phoneEmail, phone, live chat

Final Verdict

Ovation Credit Repair offers discounts for monthly fees that are comparable to industry standards. It’s an excellent deal, especially for those who prefer to take a more comprehensive approach rather than relying on quick fixes.

Ovation does not offer money back guarantees like other credit repair services. It’s simple to stop service and you may not be charged a monthly fee if unhappy. Like most Credit Repair Companies, you can also receive a complimentary initial consultation. This will help you decide if you like the service.

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