Outriders DLC Roadmap & Upcoming Content Drop Details So Far

People Can Fly has started detailing DLC ​​plans for Outriders, and it looks like players can look forward to some substantial expansions ahead.

Outriders may receive new content in the future, although it will not follow live gaming models like Fortnite, destiny, and Call of Duty. People Can Fly’s loot shooter has enjoyed huge success so far, topping Steam’s best seller list after its release and becoming Square Enix’s most successful Steam launch. Now, People Can Fly looks at the future of Outriders could be.

Prior to launch, People Can Fly highlighted Outriders wouldn’t be a live-action game, so fans shouldn’t expect frequent content drops, battle passes, or monetization items like a cosmetics store. But just because the developer isn’t looking to run a live service game doesn’t mean Outriders will not receive new content. Instead, People Can Fly wants to deliver substantial content updates to dedicated gamers of the game.

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Currently, there is no concrete roadmap for additional content to come. Outriders; it looks like People Can Fly was waiting to see how the game was received and wanted to focus on getting Outriders out of the front door to schedule new updates. But thanks to its successful launch, Outriders will likely get more content in the months and years to come. Here’s what People Can Fly has said about the upcoming DLC ​​so far.

People can pilot the Outriders DLC blueprints

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cg outriders trailer characters

Talk to GamesRadar + Last year, People Can Fly Creative Director Bartek Kmita cited Diablo as a of inspiration for Outriders. Diablo 2 and 3 both received substantial expansion packs which added new areas, classes and items to the game, and which will likely be a of inspiration for Outriders“DLC plans.

“Diablo wasn’t a game as a service. They had just released the big expansion packs. They were doing it in a different style. Maybe we’ll go in that direction, or even do other things. . But of course we won’t. Give up the game if the players like it. “

In a recent interview with Forbes, Kmita developed this idea by saying that the studio is “happy to create more content in the future“if people like the game enough. Many stories invented by the developers have failed to Outriders at launch, Kmita said. Some of these might end up being added later as DLC, and they would only take the form of “meaningful expansions with stand-alone stories. “

While Outriders won’t receive frequent content drops, there will be updates to improve the game as a whole. Developers are already working to fix Outriders” throw problems and balance classes and abilities. In addition to small updates like this, People Can Fly seems eager to introduce Outriders the content drops, as long as the game is able to maintain an adequate level of popularity.

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