Outriders Devs Could Add Significant Expansions To Game In

Two of the Outriders developers have spoken out about the future of the game and where the team sees opportunities for more stories to be told.

As Outriders players have only just started finishing up the main campaign, the developers have spoken out about possibly adding significant expansions to the game sometime in the future. This would add some considerable content to the looter-shooter, which only released a few days ago.

Outriders is studio People Can Fly’s newest release, a third-person shooter built around co-operative and multiplayer gameplay merged with role-playing elements. The main appeal of the game is the ability to loot and hunt for gear with friends online. Players choose from four classes, the Trickster, the Pyromancer, the Devastator, and The Technomancer. Each of these classes can be played separately, allowing for multiple playthroughs of the game. 

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In a recent interview with Forbes, People Can Fly’s Creative Director Bartek Kmita and Lead Game Designer Piotr Nowakowski spoke about the release of Outsiders and the game’s future. The two touched on how the team will be managing the game in the future, with continued updates and content releases now being common practice in the games industry. In the interview, the notion that the studio had previously stated that Outriders would be ‘complete’ when released was brought up. It seems that this statement stands true, but the developers still want fans to know that the studio is not abandoning the game entirely, with more in store for the Outsiders universe down the road. Kmita says that there are even more stories they wish to tell, ones that didn’t make it into the original game that could be made into expansions down the road. These stories may even be in the form of self-contained stories, much like the expansions for Final Fantasy XV, where individual characters’ stories can be explored further.  

Outsiders official launch has gone quite differently from the demo from a few weeks ago, as devastating server issues have plagued players from the get-go. Review scores of the game on Steam started tanking immediately, overshadowing the praise the game received during its demo period. The players were angry at the developers for releasing Outriders without foreseeing this issue. Over the days since release, there has not been any improvement to the server’s stability. Fans have continued to review bomb the game’s Steam and Metacritic pages in anger. 

The article doesn’t detail when new content will be coming to the game, so fans will just have to wait. For now, players will have to be content with the apparently complete vision of the game that People Can Fly have launched. Hopefully server fixes are en route to improve the Outriders experience and get it closer to what the developers had in mind.

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Source: Forbes

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