Our review for sun cream how to friendly with the sun

Our review for sun cream how to friendly with the sun

Sun Cream
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Summers are approaching fast and making us look dull and tired. Undoubtedly, this scratching, heat takes away most of our energy. We tend to feel lethargic and don’t want to do any work or even don’t wish to go outside either. The UV rays of the sun badly affect our skin,  especially the uncovered part of the body.

 The body part which is not covered with the clothes gets tanned, which we certainly don’t want to. To avoid this either, we will not go out or will wear full body covering clothes. Unfortunately, you can’t hide your face and umbrella is not sufficient to save you from harmful rays of the sun.


To solve your problem Oriflame has its sun care PHOTOSTABLE sun cream 20. It’s all what you need while planning a day out in the summers. Just apply a little of it half an hour before you leave your place. It will save you from the after effects of the ultra violet rays of the sun.

The days which are cloudy it is recommended to use it in those days also. It will save you from getting tanned. Now you can walk out in the sun and enjoy your day even during summers. The sun cream is effective for almost 6 hours, but it is recommended to re apply it after 4 hours for better results.

sun cream dailymail
sun cream dailymail

It is water resistant sun cream which contains sunflower oil and is enriched with vitamin E. it protects from the UVB and UVA rays. Use it liberally for better results. The oxybenzone present in it will help in getting a glowing skin. The face becomes radiant soon after its application.

Needless to say that, the people around you started turning their head to look at you. it gives a shine to your face. There couldn’t be any other better sun protection cream else than this. Always buy a genuine product from the oriflamme consultant only. Though different creams are formulated to cater the needs of different peoples, but this sun cream takes care of every female’s need who is stepping out of the house in summers.

Oriflame sun Cream
Oriflame sun Cream

People find it a wonderful product and this is proved from their valuable comments which they left for this sun cream. Have a look

Customer Sun Cream Review by Nupur Nangia “I am an air hostess and my odd duty hours calls me to join duty at any time. Sometimes my flight is during the day time and sometimes late night. Even I have to spend a day in the other city as well. Being an air hostess I have to take great care of my face and I can’t let it tan because of sun. One of my aunts who are an oriflamme consultant told me about this product. At first I was doubtful, but when I saw my aunts glowing face in the summers too, made me give second thought to my purchases. Then I at once purchased and needless to say, it is protecting my skin since then. I am proud of my timely wise decision.”

Customer Sun Cream Review by Megha Jaiwal “I am a housewife and I have to fetch the children from the school in the afternoon. I was scared of getting tanned. I discussed my problem with my friend then she advised me to buy sun care cream. I was desperate for such cream, which could save me from getting tanned. I purchased it immediately and I am glad it’s after effects are OSM”

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