Oshea Herbals Anti Hair Fall Defense Range

Oshea Herbals Anti Hair Fall Defense Range

Hi everyone, Who wants hair fall and hair thinning? This can be really tiring situation when you come across and see that your hair is falling and is getting loads of lumps in the bathrooms of the fallen hair strands. I get really worried whenever I face the hair fall. This is why I always take care of my diet and the hair care products that I use. I got this anti hair fall range from Oshea Herbals which I have been suing for the past one month.

oshea herbals hair fall range products

The Oshea Herbals hair fall defense range has 3 products like the Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalizer, Oshea Amlacare Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Oshea Hair Fall Control Serum.

Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalizer

oshea herbals hair fall range serum

Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalizer is enriched with the natural and herbals products like that of the Nagkeasar, Ashwagandha, Bahera, Tulsi, Bhringraj, Manjistha, Amla, Harad, Rosemary oil like rare and essential herbs. The hair vitalizer is very watery and runny  just like the water. This also has a very nice herbal scent. The color is light brown or yellowish brown. I like the texture which is very light and easy to get absorbed. I use this every night on the scalp. To use this, I take around a teaspoonful and spread that on my entire scalp, so that this gets inside the scalp nicely. The next day I do not feel the need to wash the hair or to get rid of the product since that will not add any residue or greasiness. I liked this product. I have seen positive changes but not miraculous changes like I can notice that hair feel bouncier and radiant. Hair fall is slightly reduced. Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalizer is priced at 395 rupees.

Oshea Amlacare Hair Fall Control Shampoo

I have been using this shampoo for the last 3 weeks since I was using some other shampoo earlier and wanted that to get finished before I use any other shampoo. This shampoo is greenish in color and is thick alike most of the other shampoos. The shampoo produces good lathers but I feel that the quantity needed is a little more than I generally take. Moreover, the shampoo makes the hair tad dry after the wash; hence a conditioner after the wash is necessary if you have dry hair. This shampoo from Oshea herbals cost 190 rupees.

Oshea Hair Fall Control Serum

oshea herbals hair fallrange

This Oshea Hair Fall Control Serum is enhanced with natural ingredients which are good for hair growth like the Ginseng, Capsicum and Basil extracts etc. This serum also contains the Citric Acid-Astringent, Ginseng extracts that helps in the promotion of the new cell regeneration. This also has Ashwagandha which promotes the new hair regeneration.

I will use this serum after I have used the hair vitalizer, so, I take little bit of this serum and apply that on my scalp. The quantity of the serum is less since a liitle more is required, so I will use this after the Phytogain vitalizer so that this gets spread nicely on my scalp. After using these 3 products I feel that the hair strands have swollen up and have become thicker, moreover, the bounce and quality of the hair is also increased. The good thing is that the vitalizer and the serum does not feel greasy so that you have to wash the hair the next day, no, you will not feel greasy or this will weigh the hair down. This Oshea Herbals Serum is for 390 rupees.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The Oshea Herbals hair fall control range is an affordable range that does work to some extent but do not think that this will do some magic since natural and herbal products do take time to show up results, I saw some results which very okay so, I will try them until the product finishes.

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