Orlando Bloom mourns her dead dog and gets her name tattooed

Love for your dog can reach overwhelming dimensions, unimaginable for those who have never had a four-legged friend. A more than clear demonstration of this limitless affection comes from Orlando Bloom who became the protagonist of a sweet gesture dedicated to his little dog Mighty who unfortunately died after disappearing a week ago.

After communicating the sad news on Instagram, Orlando showed his new tattoo dedicated precisely to his friend: the name of Mighty with a heart underneath and the symbol of the spades, which Orlando had drawn on his chest. “Mighty is on the other side of the rainbow bridge now” wrote the actor “After 7 days of research from sunrise to sunset and also in the middle of the night today, on the seventh day, the day of completion, we found his collar . “.

“It was more than a friend. It was a sort of elective affinity, of course. I’m sorry. I love you. Thanks for everything. RIP my MIGHTY HEART, my little adventurer,” said the actor waiting for his first son with Katy Perry.

The actor then wanted to thank his neighbors and all those who gave him access to their gardens to search for Mighty and also the Dog Days Search & Rescue association that helped him find Mighty.


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