Orange Peel face packs for oily clear skin

Orange Peel face packs for clear glowing skinHomemade Orange Peel face packs

Orange peel is usually thrown away but do you know that orange peel is one of the best products to use for acne and pimple prone skin. It has the orange oil which has benefits in keeping the skin clear and glowing. Rubbing orange peel on the face has skin whitening benefits that helps to make skin flawless and free of dark spots. We can make face packs with orange peel which helps to exfoliate the skin to get rid of the dead skin layer which helps to get rid of whiteheads, pimples, blackheads and skin problems.

1. Orange peel face pack with sandalwood for fairness and glowing skin

If you’re wondering how to use orange peel powder for skin whitening. Then this simple treatment is going to help you.This face pack is ideal for oily skin for glowing and fair skin. Take one teaspoonful of orange peel powder and mix one sandalwood powder in it. Make a paste of these two with some rose water. Rose water will give extra boost of fairness in this pack. Mix them well and apply on the face as a layer. Wash after it gets dry. Try this 2 times in a week. This orange pack will make your skin fairer.

2. Orange peel face pack with honey for glowing skin for dry skin

This orange peel powder face pack targets the dry skin which has peeling and flaky skin. This face pack will remove the dryness of skin and makes it smoother by exfoliating. Honey in it and the orange oil in the orange peel powder will make the skin glowing. Take some orange peel powder and add some honey in it to make a paste. Apply this orange peel face pack in a thick layer and let it dry for 20 minutes. After that gently scrub the pack off with water. This will take away the flaky dry skin and will reveal a healthy smooth complexion. You can try this orange peel powder for dry skin once in a week.

3. Yoghurt and Orange peel face pack for suntan removal and dark spots

Sun tan is problematic in summers and we tend to get sun tan very quickly. This orange peel face pack will help to lighten and remove the sun tan from the face and body. It also helps to reduce the black spots on the face. Take yoghurt/curd and orange peel powder in equal quantities and mix them. Apply on the face and body. Leave for half an hour and then gently scrub it off the face and rise with tepid water.

4. Lemon juice, gram flour and Orange peel face pack for acne marks

Teenagers and adults who have acne scars and pimple marks can try this orange peel face pack to lighten and reduce them. Take orange peel powder around one teaspoonful and mix half teaspoonful of gram glory (besan) and make a paste of these with using lemon juice. Mix and apply. Let it get dry and then remove it in circular motions. This can be tried 2 times in one week. [ Home remedies to remove pimple marks ]

5. Orange peel face pack with neem for pimples

If you have pimple and wish to get rid of them soon then this orange peel with neem face pack is excellent to heal and clear the pimples fast. Take orange peel powder and neem powder in equal amounts. Apply on the face every other day and soon it will clear the acne. [ Tulsi face packs for clear skin ]

Benefits of Orange peel face packs

These orange peel packs will make the skin clean and glowing.

Orange oil in the orange peel is good for treating the acne, pimples etc.

These packs with orange peel gives mild exfoliation which is good to keep the pores clean to minimize the skin problems like whiteheads and blackheads.

Orange peel extracts face packs also deep cleanse the skin.

These orange peel face packs will also absorb the excessive oils from the face hence good for oily skin.

This amazing ingredient also makes the skin fairer with its skin whitening and skin lightening properties.

Orange peel powder also helps to fade away sun tanning and pimple marks.

Orange peel face packs lighten and fade the age spots and dark spots too.

How to make orange peel powder at home

If you’re thinking how to prepare orange peel powder at home then this will help you. Take some orange peel and dry them in the sun. Make sure that there should be sunlight only and when there are dusty winds you should keep the orange peels inside the home. When you feel that the orange peels have hardened and there is no moisture left in them. Then they are ready to be made into powder. Put them in a grinder and grind into a fine powder. Keeping this a little granular is good to oily skin.

These are the best orange peel face packs for various skin problems like cane, pimples and to improve the skin color.

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