Oprah Announces $12 Million Gift To Various US Cities In Which She’s Lived

Oprah Announces $12 Million Gift To Various US Cities In Which She’s Lived

Oprah Winfrey is most often associated with the city of Chicago in the minds of the public, but it has in fact called a variety of cities in the United States during its lifetime. And now these cities must be happy that she has, since the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation announced a total of $ 12 million in donations to communities in five different locations in the United States that have been particularly affected by COVID-19.

Chicago, Baltimore, Nashville and Milwaukee are the four major cities that receive Oprah’s latest donation, but the much smaller community of Kosciusko, Mississippi, where she was born, is also included in the pledge.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Winfrey explained that the pandemic will require everyone with the financial means to do so to help as much as possible:

“The reason I’m talking about it is because people will need the means to escalate … I mean, this thing is not going to go away. Even when the virus is gone, the devastation left by people is not able to work for months holding a paycheck to a paycheck, who have run out of savings – people are going to need it. So my thing is, look in your own neighborhood, in your own backyard to see how you can serve and where your service is most essential. This is the real job essential, I think, for people of means. “

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The $ 12 million will be distributed among several organizations, including $ 2 million to NashvilleNurtures, which plans to use the money to feed some 10,000 hungry families in Nashville, and $ 5 million to Live Healthy Chicago, which will devote additional resources to its job of supporting seniors and other high-risk people in Chicago.

This promise is the latest gift from Oprah’s COVID-19 Relief Fund, which it announced was created in April.

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