Only Star Wars’ Greatest Rogue, Doctor Aphra, Can Save the Galaxy

Star Wars’ Doctor Aphra and Sana Starros must prevent the Endless Clan from obtaining technology that threatens the galaxy itself.

Disclaimer: Contains an overview of Doctor Aphra # 9!

In a preview of Doctor Aphra # 9, Star WarsThe best rascals have the weight of the galaxy on their shoulders. The last issue saw Doctor Aphra and Sana Starros trying to locate a Nihil hyperdrive. Now they’re trying to stop a dangerous entity from taking advantage of an opportunity that could make them the most powerful – and dangerous – force in the galaxy.

Doctor Aphra is a rogue archaeologist who watches over her results. She is known to have betrayed her friends and crew, but is often able to enlist the help of old friends and allies. In this series, Doctor Aphra has teamed up with Sana Starros, a courier very aware of the dangers that crime syndicates pose to the galaxy. The two have recently come under attack and are now facing the fallout from their altercation as they plan their next move.

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Now has released a new preview for Doctor Aphra # 9. Written by Alyssa Wong with illustrations by Minkyu Jung, this upcoming issue has Aphra and Starros on their way to Midarr. After an attack from Vukorah, an uninterrupted clan agent, who nearly killed the duo, Sana is recovering from a shrapnel wound. The preview reveals what these two thugs are going to do now. Check it out here:

This new glimpse shows that Sana is being treated for her injuries, while also revealing the danger posed by the unbroken clan. This is a more recent crime syndicate in the Star Wars universe. He is admittedly less well-known than the Hutts and White Worms, but the organization quickly turns out to be a dangerous collective with great aspirations. Vukorah leaves a body path behind her, and she is only part of the union. With such deadly members, it’s no surprise that this group is looking for something as dangerous as Nihil tech, although that makes it all the more important that they don’t claim hyperdrive.

The Nihil are a newly introduced group of marauders who operated during the High Republic era. They were direct enemies of the Jedi at that time, although they were gone by the time the Empire arose. As the High Republic the editorial initiative continued to unfold, Star wars stories from each era incorporated more elements from that time period into the series’ timeline. Previous issues in Doctor Aphra have referred to the High Republic, but this is one of the first instances where Nihil technology is made accessible to the galaxy as fans know it. Nihil’s sinister technology is advanced even hundreds of years later, which is why it is currently sought after – and why it is imperative that Aphra and Sana get to hyperdrive first.

As the preview indicates, the hyperdrive unveiling could turn into a bloody affair, especially with the relevance of the technology. Nihil technology opens up dangerous new potential for a crime syndicate to become more powerful than all of its competitors. The reputation of the unbroken clan would increase dramatically, as would its fear. Fear and reputation are the reasons unions like the Hutts thrive, so gaining that hyperdrive would move the unbroken clan up the galactic hierarchy and make them a truly formidable threat. However, Aphra is no hero, and she’s on the hyperdrive trail not for selfless reasons, but because she’s on the payroll of a competing dynasty. Whoever wins, the galaxy is far from sure, but fans will see how this dilemma resolves when Star Wars: Doctor Aphra # 9 releases April 21.

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