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Is online shopping clothes still scary ?

Is online shopping clothes still scary ?

A day before yesterday I wrote about the problems that customers have to face with online shopping sites for clothes and other durable items. Maybe a few who were not using the online shopping mode of shopping for clothes and accessories got more scared after reading my blog. And a few who were known to the system and process must have gotten a bit shaken up due to the same. But is there really something to be scared from online shopping sites.  Are the customers really safe? All such questions must have been triggering your mind as well and I am here to answer all your questions which are holding you back to online shopping clothes and accessories.

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To make online shopping safe and secure, it is not the duty of only the online shopping sites for clothes and other products, but also, it is the duty of a responsible individual that he/she needs to practice safe online shopping for clothes. Blaming on one’ shoulder won’t make things clear, instead, it has to be a double effort on both the ends. A few things need to be disclosed by the online shopping sites and a few responsibilities need to be fulfilled by the shoppers themselves.

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When I came to know about the problems that my parents are facing (as I have already discussed in my earlier blog), it was quite difficult for me to explain them on how to feel secure about it. You know it is always arduous to change yourself first rather than pointing out to someone else. So I tried the same style with them, before explaining to them what they could do about it, I told them how online shopping sites for clothes are dealing with such insecurities of their customers. The same duties are shared with you all:-

  1. TRUST FACTOR: – When my mother told me that they doubt the authenticity of the online shopping website, I explained to them that virtual markets are completely original and involve real people. The concern that we cannot see them doesn’t make them unreal people of the world. My point did not prove to be convincing to them and then I made them do a comparison amongst a few shopping websites. The home page and the first look of online shopping websites for clothes have to be visually appealing to them. The duty of the online retailer is to invest a significant amount of time and money in the home page of the website, either by using their own artistic bone or hiring a graphic designer from outside. The visual edge was a convincing factor to check the credibility of online shopping websites for clothes.
  1. PAYMENT FIRST AND PRODUCT LATER: – They were also hesitant to make payment first and wait until they have the product physically. In such cases, the duty of the online shopping websites for clothes is to ensure free returns, and money back schemes. Apart from these schemes, they also need to make sure that such information is clearly mentioned regarding the process of return, where to and how to return, by what time to return and so on so that the a worried shopper has all the answers before making a purchase.

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  2. CREDIT CARD INFORMATION CONCERN: – My parents were insecure about the credit card information and its vulnerability. For such issues, online shopping websites for clothes must have tie-ups with some secure checkout options. Such badges ensure customer about the authenticity and even builds up trust and confidence the website. The other way Out could be using the PayPal like services where an extra option is available to the shopper to pay rather than using the credit card. Such systems are quite popular in international markets.

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  1. UNNECESSARY DEMAND OF PERSONAL INFORMATION:- The shoppers who are scared to start up online shopping for clothes are even reluctant to share email ids to avoid junk and spam emails and other personal information like birthdays etc. The concerns lead shoppers to mistrust the online shopping websites as they feel that their information would be sold to external s. Online shopping sites for clothes need to maintain as a rule that not to share consumer’s information and upload in their privacy policy. Also, customers should receive emails only if they tick the checkbox and register themselves to the same and not otherwise.

While these options were told to them, I saw a sigh of relief on their faces with a bit of initiation. I knew they will be able to start shopping clothes online but a few restrictions were still hovering above their head. They understood that online shopping sites for clothes have done every bit possible at their end to keep shopping safer and happier, it is just in their hands now to make sure they do not get be fooled by scams, and thus, it needed a few responsibility on their shoulders as well.


Now was the turn for the customers at their own, if they need to overcome their fear of online shopping sites for clothes and other household needs then a bit of responsibility is required at their end too. Safety is always in our hands and for that blaming or accusing somebody else is foolishness. Expecting only from the online shopping sites would not make much difference.

  1. USING KNOWN WEBSITES:- A trusted site is a much smarter option rather than to search on google. If you know the site, the chances are less likely to get betrayed. A proper research too is essential for unknown online shopping sites for clothes and other equipment. Misspellings, fewer resolution logos, and photos could be the warning signs. Such credentials are important to feel authentic. Research for the unknown online shopping sites about their reviews and results would give you the proofs of its authenticity but keep an eye on overly positive reviews.
  1. LOOK FOR SSL:- Before making a purchase using the credit card, always look for the lock symbol on the top of the page and SSL (secure socket layer) encryption. You can check in the address bar if the website starts with https:// or http://, the “s” stands for that SSL that ensures that the online shopping website for clothes is secure and safe.

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  1. CHECK STATEMENTS FREQUENTLY:- Keep an account on the online billing statements that are charged to your account frequently. Waiting for the bills to come to your door is not a secure option. A regular check online for all your payments is necessary. Using a credit card can secure your amount in a protected way, for any fraudulent charges, the credit card companies pay you back under the act of Fair Credit Billing Act, but that does not imply that you do not keep a regular check on your statements. Any fishy item in the statement must be reported to the credit card company to get that blocked.
  1. PROTECT AND VALUE PERSONAL INFORMATION:- While making a purchase and filling out the information for the payment, be sure of the information that you are passing on to the online shopping sites for clothes and other accessories. The information you feel is not necessary to establish a relation between you and the vendor, must not be provided such as birthdays and such. Fill the required information for the checkout only.
  1. PC INOCULATION:- Beware of swindlers, you never know which information has been stolen through your computer while making purchases online unless and until your computer or laptop is secured against a malware with regular updates to your antivirus program. Protection of your PC or laptop against such practices avoid frauds and hacking or else it could have resulted in disasters for your credit card statements.
  1. STRONG PASSWORDS:- Choose passwords that are difficult to guess and interpret. Make sure to have at least 10 characters long password, consisting a combination of numbers, consonants, vowels and special characters. A strong password is a tip to more secure online shopping for clothes and other products. Never even share your passwords with anyone else and do not set your computer to remember your passwords for these facilitating online shopping websitesSecure Passwords
  1. NO USE OF PUBLIC TERMINALS:- Avoid shopping using public wi-fi just for the cheap use of free service. Any such incident can leave you in a hefty amount of debts. Handing over a credit card to a shopkeeper for swiping on the machine for the goods you purchased is one thing, but entering the credit card details in a public place, it is an open invitation for the over-the-shoulder snooper to keep an eye on you. So beware for such activities, and always log out even if you used it to check your mail.
  1. THINK BEFORE USING MOBILE DEVICES:- Using a mobile device is always handy, but keep it limited to search and exploring new things. Never use it for online shopping for clothes or other goods. Using the apps offered by the online shopping sites for clothes could be used, but avoid searching them online through the search engines. Take the desktop or laptop turn and avoid mishappenings.
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Above information is really going to be helpful for not only my parents but also for all other shoppers who are scared to use online shopping websites for clothes. Always be safe and secure to enjoy HAPPY SHOPPING EXPERIENCE. Security is in your hands and responsibilities need to be used up properly without failure. Many online shopping sites for clothes like Myntra, Amazon, eBay, Stalkbuylove and so on are secure websites and popular among the society with full proof plans and policies to keep the information of their shopper secure. So try and always initiate your  online shopping clothes with them rather than any unknown or fraudulent website.

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