Online dance: new videos of dancers in lockdown

Online dance: new videos of dancers in lockdown

If all dance is confined online, someone tries to go one step further. Jacopo Godani, an imaginative choreographer and director of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, conceived selflessness, a project that after the video launch includes a live performance. “A concrete creative proposal: I didn’t want us too on Instagram to do the grands battements in the kitchen or in the bathroom!”, The Italian choreographer says sarcastically, referring to the now countless videos released by dancers and companies in lockdown.

Online dance: new videos of dancers in lockdown
Online dance: new videos of dancers in lockdown

The first phase, experienced by other companies, including Italian ones, took place in lockdown. Everyone organized themselves by downloading simple programs to make videos on mobile or computer: nothing complicated, that was not the purpose of the project.

The director-choreographer then asked his sixteen dancers to film themselves following his directions for movement, elaborated by the interpreters in the final phase as they always do. «With a sculptural quality that follows the volumes of the body machine: it is the principle I am interested in working on. According to this idea, I asked the boys to create their own costumes “, continues Godani, a choreographer with a penchant for style,” with everything they could find at home, and that they were as structured, colorful and strange as possible:

socks on your feet! ” I suggested. I didn’t want to see the faces, which in fact remain covered by DIY masks, to avoid the egocentric overexposure of the starlets of this time ».
Independence is the characteristic trait of the young dancers of the company and the method on which the work of Godani is based, who very proud of his boys jokingly defines them as “a band of beasts”.

THE video clips made, about twenty, lasting a few minutes, are (from Saturday) on social channels (here Instagram) and on the online platforms of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, and will serve as trailers to the choreographic installation that Godani plans to build soon, perhaps already at the end of June. “The idea is to bring the staggered audience into the queue, inviting them to stop and watch the dancers one after the other who, at a safe distance from each other, will perform live the solos previewed in the videos. You will enjoy every single performance as a work of art. The system of installations in museum spaces, artistic and not simply choreographic, interests me a lot and in this circumstance it proves ideal ».

Germany’s flash phase 2 could help: lin Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company has already resumed daily lessons, in two separate groups and respecting the safety distances, also thanks to the immense space that is its headquarters: the Bockenheimer Depot, a former 500 square meter tram station.

Waiting to be able to return to the theater with the latest, eccentric creation of Godani, Alter Ego, inspired by the aesthetics of German cinematic expressionism, whose performances had been interrupted by the coronavirus.


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