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Online art: virtual visit to Giverny, in Monet’s garden

Online art: Virtual visit to Giverny, in Monet’s garden

Virtual tour in Giverny, where Monet cultivated and painted his water lilies. Claude Monet moved to Giverny, Normandy on April 29, 1883, where he lived surrounded by lush vegetation which inspired some of his best known paintings. Monet fell in love with the lilac water lilies of the ponds, with the weeping willows that rippled in the wind. As a true green thumb, he personally took care of his park until his death in December 1926. Aided by a team of gardeners he created the different landscapes that inspired his works.

Online art
Online art

The Japanese bridge painted by Monet

© Geoffrey Clements

In Giverny you can usually walk among rose bushes, peonies, water lilies and geraniums contributing to the sensorial and visual experience of visitors, invited to explore the painter’s imagination by crossing the gardens and entering the colorful Claude Monet family home. The dining room is illuminated by a sunny yellow, while the kitchen is all blue, while the painter’s studio has been transformed today into a room that houses copies of his most famous works.

Waiting to be able to return, or to go there in person for the first time, Giverny, in times of lockdown and social distance, also welcomes visitors online: just connect to the Instagram account of the Fondation Monet, to admire the delicate, engaging landscapes whose vision inspired Monet’s famous paintings.

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Claude Monet’s study

View of the park of Giverny

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