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Omron Healthcare India advanced technology: Home & Industrial health care

Omron Healthcare India advanced technology for Home and Industrial health care

In the present time, with a changing economy and lifestyle, people face a lot of health-related issues. Most people suffer from numerous health conditions including Blood Pressure (BP), Obesity, Hypertension, Stress-related conditions and Depression. One of the most common causes of these conditions is our changing lifestyle.

Today people are used to living a hectic and busy lifestyle with less time for relaxation. On account of this at a very younger age, they face serious health conditions including BP and hypertension. One of the most effective ways to fight against these conditions is to try and change the current lifestyle. It also becomes important for us to monitor our changing health conditions regularly and so we need to look around for perfect monitoring systems that can provide us with updated data related to health conditions including BP count on regular basis.

Omron Healthcare India
HEM 7600T

Need for portable monitoring devices

Omron BP Wrist Monitor
Omron BP Wrist Monitor

About Omron

  • Aim – Ever since its establishment in 1933 in Japan (Kyoto) by Kazuma Tateishi, Omron aims at improving lives and contributing to a better society. It also aims at offering people with a very comfortable life. Omron focuses on being a global leader in manufacturing more user-friendly health monitoring devices.
  • Vision – The company also focuses on developing more advanced home-based monitoring devices for BP monitoring along with other chronic conditions like Asthma & Obesity etc. The devices are aimed at offering ease of access and reducing disease burden for family members and individuals. It focuses on developing a drug-free environment via pain management.
  • Implementations – To make the process of monitoring more effective the company presently has 2 R & D Center’s aimed at continuous research to develop new technology. The company is already having its network spread across the world and is now focuses to extend its position as market leader in India.
  • Manufacturing –The Company has presently established over three manufacturing units in Japan, China, and Vietnam. The units are established with an aim to develop world-class health care and health monitoring equipment using advanced technology.
  • Global Expansion – Based in Japan the company has global presence via its offices and another point of sales offices in different parts of the world including Beijing, Russia, US, Korea and India. The company has its offices in various major cities in India offering quality healthcare and monitoring services using advanced monitoring devices.
  • Products –Omron is focusing on developing state of art healthcare and medical care products for professional and households. You can get complete benefit of its wide range of product list that includes BP monitors, Nebulizers, Weighing Scales, Digital thermometers, ECG portable monitors, Body Composition monitors, Nerve Stimulators, and BP Monitors and Nebulizers for professional use.
  • Developmental Strategies – Omron on regular basis ensures that it makes use of best marketing strategies and innovative technology to help the patients. It also ensures that the various types of equipment are offered with the most accurate set of information for tracking the health condition of the patients. The devices are the focus on tracking your body parameters and provide you with the most accurate set of data.
  • Latest Innovation – Omron has developed some of the handiest and portable types of BP monitoring devices that can easily be wrapped to your arm. The new device HEM 7600T offers readings that are most accurate and a fit cuff that can fit multiple arm size The device proves helpful for patients suffering from multiple conditions including irregular heartbeats and features a body movement indicator function. This proves helpful in regulating and monitoring hypertension and BP related conditions well ahead of time before it gets serious and out of control.
  • Future – With advanced technology, Omron has launched Omron Connect monitoring apps that can be easily used along with Android and other Smartphone devices. The apps can easily be downloaded on your mobile phones and Smartphones for monitoring your BP regularly. The device can be used for monitoring and be keeping a complete record of your BP on your Smartphone’s. The device HEM 7600T can easily be connected to your Smartphone and all your body activities can be monitored in real time. To get started you just need to follow few simple steps to connect the device and then you will be able to see the graphical pattern of your readings

Final Verdicts

Ever since its establishment, Omron has worked towards the benefit of mankind and medical services. It has made use of advanced technology for developing industrial grade healthcare monitoring products and components. Since 2005 Omron Healthcare India is also one of the leading healthcare manufacturing company. It is better known for implementing Bio-sensing technology for monitoring BP and other body activities. It has also focused on developing advanced monitoring devices and various types of equipment in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

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