Olivia Newton-John Addresses Fans After Sharing a Walker Photo on Instagram

  • Olivia Newton-John made fans worry about her after posting an Instagram of a legendary walker.
  • the Fat The actress is currently battling stage four breast cancer.
  • Olivia said she was “totally fine” and apologized for causing the alarm.

    Olivia Newton-John wants her fans to know she’s fine.

    71 years old Fat The star inadvertently raised concerns yesterday when she posted an Instagram photo of a walker holding plates of legendary food. Knowing that Olivia is currently fighting stage four breast cancer (her third episode of the disease), some fans feared that her photo was somehow a negative sign of the actress’ condition.

    Fortunately, Olivia hopped on social media to clarify her message. She wrote in the caption: “I accidentally posted this photo without a note. Recycling at its best! Using my old walker as a breakfast cart with my handsome husband @therealamazonjohn! Sorry to worry people! (But thank you for your concern.) I’m fine !!! Xox. “

    After reading Olivia’s message, her fans breathed a collective sigh of relief. “A great way to recycle, but yes, I was worried,” wrote one fan. “I’m so glad you’re okay !!!” shared another. “Oh my God! I’ve been trying to reason in my head all day! What a relief!” Said another fan.

    In January, Olivia informed fans of her health – according to the Belfast Telegraph, She said she “Always got stronger and better”. Last September, she spoke to Good Housekeeping about how she uses cannabis to treat her pain and other symptoms.

    “I had heard a lot about my husband[[[[John Easterling]on how it might help me, “said Olivia before.” I was a little nervous because I don’t like the feeling of something that changes my mind … but I started very slowly, and I adjusted, and it really helped me a lot. “

    What also helped was an uplifting attitude.

    “[Positivity is] really a decision, “said Olivia.” And once you’ve made that decision, you sort of train your brain to stay there, then it becomes normal … I speak to my body and thank it for every step it takes to improve. And I thank him anyway! It is really a practice because you create your world by what you think. ”

    I love his energy!

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