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Old world style design and decoration

The old world style connects us to the traditional artistic historical past where everything was done by hand and had a purpose, a meaning for its presence and an energy to share. The Old World Style is a collage of design styles that spanned the early 18th century, with its influences coming from several parts of the east, be it the Mediterranean coast or the Indian subcontinent. But whatever their origin, the look and feel of the ancient architecture and the royalty of past centuries will always have its unique charm.

The old world look offers an eclectic interplay between warm and conventional interiors. The furnishings are old but majestic, the rooms are sumptuous but welcoming. Old world doors carved with the elements of nature like the rays of the sun and the flowering lotus give us the energy of grounding and grounding. Richly carved door arches and solid wood columns with stone bases, the dynamic shift of energy resonates throughout the home.

You love the feel of old wood, the rustic worn patinas and old hand-carved doors turned into chai tables, the caster chests with their eclectic charm and iron straps, each piece has a historic charm and purpose. Hope Chests bring with them the dreams of the new bride and the blessings of her parents as she begins her new journey with her husband. The Haveli gate is full of aged brass gold and lotus carvings, the iron nails cut through the solid teak wood and are bent backwards, so that the ions attracted to the metals are grounded through the wood. The design of energy balance is necessary today in our 21st century where all electronic devices are remotely accessible and the electromagnetic charge is wreaking havoc on our health.

Rustic interiors are simple and have a connection to the unassuming past. The feel of the kamasutra carved barndoor or tribal carved barndoor is honest, old-world, and evokes a simpler time when we sat together as a family over tea or dinner. Reclaimed wood and reused cabinets, they provide an amazing showcase for creativity. Today’s world is virtual and the connection to the real is lost, the rustic old world style is daringly earthy and obviously real.

The mystery behind the old world carvings of Buddha and different mudras calls out your inner spirit. Whether it is the abhaya, the mudra protection or the earthly witness, each one is special and beautiful.

From intricately carved panels from natural reclaimed wood personalized to barn doors in Mogul, we do everything we can to keep old world artisan values ​​intact. The hand carved parade floral sofa chairs carry old world elegance and grace.

The incorporation of richly carved finials, stone corbels, stately medallions and other finishing touches give the room a classic elegance.The architecture with exposed beams in the ceiling and triple arched columns anchor and define de big spaces. Simple arcades, repeated in a hallway to connect the rooms, are also a signature old world concept. Courtyard houses with welcome doors leading to the main house, the front doors are glorious in their teal patinas and sculpted details enveloping you in their warmth and old world details.

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