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Nude nails: how to choose the nail polish – Fashion

Nude nails: how to choose the nail polish – Fashion

Fingernails nude at 100%. In fact, there are those who have chosen social isolation to make them “breathe” (Jennifer Lopez is also doing it to the magazine people revealed that she had taken a break from everything, even from her nails). With all due respect to the Manicurists who will tell you that in reality to have them healthy and strong, just take care of them at the base and be careful with the semi-permanent polish removal, the only treatment that if not performed by expert hands risks damaging the nail.

Nude nails: how to choose the nail polish - Fashion
Nude nails: how to choose the nail polish – Fashion

The nude nail polish represents the right middle ground between totally natural nails, as Kate Middleton brings us to be clear, and high maintenance, as certain nail art show off from JLo.

When we talk about bare nails, however, we do not mean a specific color, but one category which includes a wide range of shades that have the characteristic of appearing all naked with respect to their skin tone, lighter or amber, cold or with a warm undertone. Choosing nude nail polish is like choosing a foundation to get a second skin effect.

The nude pink nail polish

If you have the fair complexion from the undertone cold, you can opt for a nude that is the color palette turns to pale, pale pinks, while if it is pink the milky pinks full of white are beautiful. If the complexion tends to peach and yellow, the color too salmon is one of the nudes.

The real nude (in shades of beige)

The true nude color is what the nail polish brands consider among the sand, beige, cream, and caramel, perfect for those with a neutral and amber complexion.

Mauve, taupe and chocolate nude nails

Also included in the nude palette light brown that tends to chocolate, taupe and dark pinks like mauve, a retro-colored nail polish reminiscent of that applied by our grandmothers. The range of chestnuts makes it dark and very complexion sallow.

The trend to try: dry brushing manicure

It is called dry brushing method. Christina Aviles Aude, Manicurist of Gal Godot, Renée Zellweger, Viola Davis, and Sandra Oh, recommend it as ploy beauty to use if you belong to the category of those who cannot be precise with the enamel and who take more time to finish the errors than to apply it. It consists in spreading the product with the brush practically without color, as dry as possible. The result is a feathered effect in which multiple shades can be superimposed. Don’t worry about perfection, but focus on creativity.

Orly Breathable. The nail polish recommended by Abiby, the box dedicated to the beauty world, to take care of the nails after the semi-permanent. This nail polish 3 in 1 nourishes, hydrates and offers professional color in one product.

& Other Stories, Nacrée Rose.

Color Therapy by Sally Hansen, enamel enriched with argan oil. Here the nuance 537 Tulle Much from the Nude & Care collection.

OPI, Put It In Neutral Nail Polish.

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