Noova spring summer 2020 collection

Roberto Zampiero of RZ Studio, a creative agency from Milan, makes his debut as creative director of Noova for the spring summer 2020 collection, entitled Robot. The Noova brand was born from the meeting of a team of entrepreneurs in 2018. The main feature of sneakers Noova it is the reflective material used in different parts of the shoes (starting from the iconic Bast 01 model) that gives shine to the ensemble. For the next summer season, a new shoe was born, with reflective material on the tongue, currently available at major retailers such as LuisaViaRoma. We had a chat with the creative talking about his latest projects, to get to know the new brand in depth.

Noova spring summer 2020 collection
Noova spring summer 2020 collection

Noova’s journey starts from the iconic bast 01 model up to the spring summer 2020 collection. You are the creative director and this is your debut in this role. Tell Us About It.

Noova was born in 2018 from the idea of ​​a group of entrepreneurs with a passion for fashion. The first models were Apollo is Bast. From 2019 my collaboration with the brand begins, for the creation of a capsule collection with an innovative design, a strong taste with the intention of expressing a more creative side of the brand, leaving a little out of the classic style. That’s why the name Robot, as if it were an “external” entity created for the brand! It’s true, it’s my official debut in putting my signature, and above all that of my studio, on a product created and conceived by me. I have worked for years as a ghost designer for other brands, but now I felt ready to invent something uniquely mine. It was a challenge with myself! Putting your signature means exposing yourself in front of what will be the comments of people in the sector and of those who personally buy a shoe. I see it as personal growth.

Where are the Robot01 located?

The first Robot 01 was launched on LuisaViaRoma in December 2019, along with many other important stores in Italy. In 2020 we will continue to develop on the foreign market.

The reflective upper is the characteristic feature of Noova’s success. How was this leitmotiv translated into your capsule collection?

In my creations I always practice consistency in the treatment of a product, especially if we are talking about an existing brand like Noova, so it seemed correct not to distort the essence of sneakers. My creative choice is essentially to put a reflective section in the central part of the shoe (tongue) just as if it were the bright soul of my robot.

The next goals of the brand?

After the success of Robot 01 and the excellent complicity in the collaboration with the company Noova and its team, I worked on the Robot 02 project that we presented at Pitti in January 2020. Now with the Covid-19 everything has slowed down, but we have new surprises for our customers.

A Made in Italy product destined to be popular among xennials, characterized by pop virtuosity. Is it important to stay true to yourself for a brand?

Being true to yourself is the basis for any creative’s good and healthy growth! Staying true to your essence marks a distinctive trait in whatever you want to sign, whether it’s a garment or a work of art!

The next projects you will marry with your RZ studio agency. Any anticipation?

The rebranding project of the Plùs Que Ma Vìe concept store, for which I collaborated, from last season, together with the designer Andrea Lazzari, will also continue for the new year, starting to see the first results both in terms of style and sales. Next year we will work on the brand identity and on the communication of a Made in Italy leather footwear brand whose name we cannot yet say.

Roberto Zampiero

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