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Nomad Furniture – Solid Wood USA Made Platform Beds

At the foot of the Sandia Mountains, just outside Albuquerque in the United States, in the United States, a collection of platform-style beds was created and designed over 30 years ago by a professional cabinetmaker named Dave Cady. Dave designed these solid oak and maple bed designs and made them available in a variety of sizes and styles. What sets these beds apart from the others, however, was the ability to modify and make the options required by customers who transformed these simple wooden bed designs into custom made beds at affordable prices. In this article we will discuss Nomad Furniture and examine why they are an excellent example of a manufacturer that listens and acts based on customer requests.

It may be surprising to learn that companies like Nomad Furniture make bedroom furniture here in the United States. Much of the platform bed industry is made up of what are called import beds. The import of bedroom furniture is produced abroad usually in Asia and has the particularity of being redone over and over in the same way and in a few or a selected finish shipped over 1000’s at a time in containers in the US market. The problem is that these beds are made in one way and do not take into account the fact that a person who buys a bed may need a platform raised higher, perhaps a thicker mattress will be used which requires the height of the headboard. moved up or special slats requirements may be required. Not possible on imported beds.

Dave of Nomad Furniture first identified this problem when customers often asked if the height of the slats could be raised or if there was more headboard above the slats. Many of the options found on her beds today come directly from customer suggestions and who is better off making options for a collection of beds than the same people who use the bed. This is how we get the 3 “taller bed option that offers more space under the bed and the 3”, 7 “and 10” space options that increase the height of the headboard when using a mattress more often.

In addition, many customized options have been created to consolidate the platform bed base and meet specific warranty requirements that some mattress manufacturers impose on consumers. One of these examples involved additional slat options. These include standard 3 “spacing and options that offer 1.58” spacing or 1/2 “spacing. The spacing between the slats appears to be a way for some mattress manufacturers to remove the beds from their warranty and many Imported beds are on this list. However, Dave’s slatted options allow the beds of the Nomad Furniture platform to meet the warranty requirements of any mattress manufacturer.

The Nomad Furniture platform beds by Dave Cady represent a unique solution in the sector of affordable solid wood furniture. These beds made in America can be selected with different customizable options that can change the space under the bed, make the headboard higher or modify the slatted support system to make it more solid and meet the warranty requirements of the mattress manufacturer. These American platform style beds offer a simple and functional style that can be customized and affordable.

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