No Man’s Sky Founder’s Cryptic Tweet Hints At Future DLC

The founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray, has hinted at the future of No Man’s Sky development and possible expansions down the line in a cryptic Tweet

A cryptic tweet from the No Man’s Sky founder has hinted at possible future DLC for the space exploration game. The founder of Hello Games has No Man’s Sky players wildly speculating about just what is next for the game, even though just last week the Expedition update was released. 

While No Man’s Sky has had a rocky history, with the launch of the game going down in history for the number of refunds across all consoles issued, these days the game has a stable player base that is thrilled with the consistent amount of new content and updates being released. Over the past few years, since the game launched back in 2016, the developers have been hard at work overhauling and making good on many of the promises made in the lead-up to No Man’s Sky‘s release. It seems that now the founder of the game’s studio, Hello Games, has hinted at the next big step for the space exploration simulator. 

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Hello Games’ founder Sean Murray‘s recent Tweet seems to hint towards a brand new shift in the game’s development. The tweet has no words, but a single image that seems to encompass the entire roadmap for No Man’s Sky development. There are fifteen panels in the image, each depicting a major update for the game, with one box seemingly left empty in the bottom right. 

Each of the boxes represents a major update that has been added to the game, with the No Man’s Sky Expedition update from this week taking up the last slot in the bottom row. This means that we can assume that the next major update would be in the space left empty, seeming to indicate a new announcement by the Hello Games studio may be in the works. The tweet is hinting at a new update being in development, with some fans assuming that the timing of this tweet hints at the update being closer to completion than most would assume. 

While there is no direct evidence of this, fans are speculating in all different directions. Some are even looking at the image as a representation of the game’s complete roadmap, with the empty space being the final update to No Man’s Sky, aside from bug fixes and patches down the road. At this point, fans of No Man’s Sky can only speculate, as no real confirmation has come out of the studio since the tweet was posted. It is entirely possible that the tweet is just in celebration of the Expeditions expansion being released earlier this week. 

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: Sean Murray/Twitter

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