Best Nintendo Switch game deals July 2022

Nintendo Switch game: Once you’ve purchased a Nintendo Switch, you should always be on the lookout for Nintendo Switch game deals to expand your library. Nintendo Switch gamers are always highlighted in retailers’ gaming deals, in addition to the hybrid console itself. You should never ignore Nintendo Switch game sales if you have the extra cash, even if it means adding to your backlog, because you never know when the discounts being offered will be available again.

The discounts under Nintendo Switch deals for the hybrid console’s games include titles that you won’t be able to play anywhere else. These exclusives are some of the best Nintendo Switch games, and they help make the device a must-buy. If you see them on sale, they’ll always be worth it. However, if you don’t have time to check them out one by one, we’ve rounded up some of the best Nintendo Switch game deals that are currently available.

NBA 2K22 — $20, was $30

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Why Buy

  • New offense and defense system
  • Play against the best in MyPLAYER
  • Rise up to NBA stardom in MyCAREER
  • Build championship teams in MyGM and MyLEAGUE

Engage in more competitive basketball gameplay with NBA 2K22‘s new tactical offense and overhauled defense, so you can bring the best out of each player and team in the league. Create your player and hoop against the best in MyPLAYER, and pursue your dream of playing in the NBA in MyCAREER. You can also showcase your management skills in MyGM and MyLEAGUE. Every season in NBA 2K22 offers new rewards, which gives you the incentive to keep playing and trying out different strategies in your quest for multiple championships.

FIFA 22 — $20, which is $40

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Why Buy

  • Reimagined gameplay adds various features
  • Bring home the trophy in Career Mode
  • Live the life of a professional in Player Career Mode
  • Form your dream squad in FIFA Ultimate Team

The reimagined gameplay of FIFA 22 features an overhauled goalkeeper system, true ball physics, and new attacking tactics for a more immersive soccer experience in each match. Build a championship team in Career Mode, and play as a professional player in Player Career Mode. If you enjoy street football, then the Volta Football mode is for you. Meanwhile, get the chance to form your dream squad in FIFA Ultimate Team, then compete against other teams online.

Yoshi’s Crafted World — $40, was $60

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Why Buy

  • Adorable stage design
  • Find all the hidden treasures
  • Play the levels in reverse
  • Play co-op with a friend

Yoshi’s Crafted World features stages that are made from everyday objects, including boxes, paper cups, and tape. You’ll have to guide Yoshi through the obstacles and help him defeat enemies as he goes on a treasure hunt to find all the collectibles hidden in every level. After completing the stage, you can play them backward, which provides new perspectives and unlocks new ways to get to previously unseen items. You can play solo, or you can hand a Joy-Con to a friend for co-op play. There are various costumes for Yoshi that you can unlock, some of which are pretty hilarious.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze — $44, was $60

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Why Buy

  • Adorable graphics and soundtrack
  • Save Donkey Kong Island from invaders
  • Use the unique abilities of Donkey Kong and his family
  • Breeze through the game with Funky Kong

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freezeoriginally released for the Nintendo Wii U, brings its delightful graphics and amazing soundtrack to the Nintendo Switch. It’s up to you to save the day as invaders have turned Donkey Kong Island into their fortress. Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Cranky Kong need to work together to defeat enemies and complete stages. The game’s Nintendo Switch version adds Funky Mode, which unlocks the surfing skills, extra hearts, and unique abilities of Funky Kong to make the game much easier to complete.

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe — $44, was $60

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Why Buy

  • Save Princess Peach
  • Play solo or with friends
  • Take on New Super Luigi U
  • Try all the other modes

Join Mario, Luigi, and friends in New Super Mario Bros U Deluxea classic platformer adventure where you can play solo or with friends, with the usual goal of saving Princess Peach. Each character has unique attributes that will help them complete levels faster, and you can jump off teammates’ heads to give you an extra boost. After completing the main game mode, you can access New Super Luigi Uwhich is a harder and faster version for gamers who want more of a challenge. Additional modes, namely Boost Rush, Challenges, and Coin Battle, add more replayability by introducing different gameplay requirements.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD — $45, was $60

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Why Buy

  • Save Zelda and forge the Master Sword
  • Choose between motion controls and button-only controls
  • Explore Skyloft, the floating island
  • Solve puzzles in dungeons

Nintendo Switch owners get the chance to play The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swordreleased for the Nintendo Wii, through The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD.  In addition to the motion controls that were used in the original version, players will be able to choose to use button-only controls if they want to skip swinging their Joy-Cons to make Link slash his sword. Save Zelda and forge the Master Sword, as you explore the floating island named Skyloft that Link calls home. Descend from the sky to the world below to clear puzzle-packed dungeons and unlock more areas to conquer.

Super Mario Party — $50, was $60

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Why Buy

  • Fun four-player free-for-all
  • Strategize with your character’s Dice Block
  • Play a multitude of mini-games
  • Aim to get the most Stars to win

In a spinoff of the Super Mario series, Super Mario Party places four players against each other in a game of luck, skill, and strategy. Players can choose between several characters, each with unique Dice Blocks that will determine how you move around the board. Upon landing on most spots, you’ll initiate one of 80 mini-games that creatively utilize the Joy-Cons, and the goal is to win these challenges to earn Stars. The player with the most Stars at the end of the game wins, so if you’re in the lead, you need to do everything that you can to prevent other players from catching up or stealing your Stars.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — $50, was $60

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Why Buy

  • 48 more courses on the way
  • Play locally with friends or in online multiplayer
  • Take advantage of the power-ups on the track
  • Get help with the Auto Accelerate and Smart Steering features

With the announcement of DLC that will add 48 more courses, now’s a great time to buy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe because of the renewed interest in the racing game’s online multiplayer mode. You can also play locally with up to four players, zooming through tracks that are filled with obstacles to avoid, and power-ups to pick up and use against your opponents. For experts, the fastest 200cc racing class is made available from the start, while for beginners, you can activate Auto Accelerate and Smart Steering to help you finish races.

Super Mario Odyssey — $52, was $60

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Why Buy

  • Take a trip of nostalgia
  • Make the most out of Cappy
  • Collect Power Moons to power the Odyssey and save Princess Peach
  • Try to get all the Power Moons in the game

The first Mario game for the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey is a nostalgic trip through the history of the long-running franchise, while also staying accessible for newcomers. The 3D platformer is filled with callbacks to older Mario games, but introduces new mechanics such as Cappy, Mario’s new companion who he can throw to knock off enemies and activate switches, while also enabling the ability to capture creatures to acquire their abilities. The story is familiar — save Princess Peach from Bowser — but to do that, you’ll have to collect Power Moons scattered across different worlds to power his ship, the Odyssey. After completing the story, the endgame of Super Mario Odyssey offers many more hours of gameplay as you go back to the kingdoms you’ve previously visited in search of the remaining Power Moons.

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