Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Support May Be Coming Soon

The reliable OatmealDome dataminer shares data from a recent Nintendo Switch update that shows the addition of Bluetooth audio support.

Nintendo Switch owners will soon be able to use bluetooth headphones with their devices. According to recent data leaks from a new Switch system update, Nintendo has added support for a Bluetooth driver, which means the possibility of using Bluetooth devices in the future exists. If Nintendo uses Bluetooth support, Switch owners can connect headphones wirelessly to the system without third-party adapters for the first time since the Switch’s release.

In its current state, the Switch only allows users to directly connect wired headphones through a standard headphone jack. Wireless headphones can be connected indirectly, but only using third-party Bluetooth dongles and adapters. These small devices connect to the Switch’s USB-C port or headphone jack so that the wireless headphones connect to the adapter, not the Switch itself. While adapters are handy if gamers really want to use Bluetooth headphones, there are a few downsides. For starters, things can get tricky when it comes to adapter and headphone compatibility, so it’s important to do your research before you buy. Second, users should always have the adapter with then. Bluetooth support on the Switch itself would make things a lot easier.

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Thankfully, after four years Nintendo may have finally listened to fan calls for Bluetooth support. As Nintendo Life reported and known dataminer Oatmeal on Twitter shared information of the Nintendo Switch 12.0.0 firmware update. The data revealed that Nintendo added “Bluetooth driver audio support.“Of course, as OatmealDome pointed out, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that Nintendo is using the medium or whether it will ever be.”Personally, I don’t think Nintendo would add this for no reason, so hopefully this will be used somewhereThey said in a follow-up tweet.

The lack of current Bluetooth support is already putting the Switch behind. Fans have been asking Nintendo for Bluetooth support on the Switch for years, so it will be a huge deal if Nintendo actually brings wireless headphone capabilities to the system. It even opens up the possibility for Nintendo to release its own Switch-branded wireless headphones. If Bluetooth devices aren’t compatible with this generation of Switch, Nintendo should at least consider it for the next rumored Nintendo Switch Pro. The new generation is the perfect opportunity for an essential update.

There are pros and cons to wired and wireless gaming headsets, so it really all depends on your personal preference. However, it would be nice to have both options available with the Nintendo Switch.

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: Oatmeal (via Nintendo Life)

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