Night Skin Care Regimen for Oily, Dry, Acne Prone Indian skin

Night Time Beauty Routine for Oily, Dry, Acne Prone and Mature skin

Night Skin care Regimen for Oily, Dry, Acne Prone and Mature skin

Almost all the women would love to have a beautiful skin. Not only women but even men too would want a healthy looking skin. We do so much during the day that night is the time when we can finally get relaxed. On the same note, night time is the best time to pamper your skin. Do you know that our skin will heal at a faster rate at night? The skin care products that we use during the night skin care routine show more benefits.This is because while we are asleep our body and skin will repair and revive. This is the restoring mechanism. This is why you may have heard a lot about the ‘beauty sleep’. So, what should be your night skin care routine. A skin care routine for the night time is crucial in achieving a beautiful skin that is smoother, glowing, free from problems like wrinkles, dark circles, patchiness etc.

Why night skin care routine is important?

Skin heals and rejuvenates itself even we sleep therefore the products that we use at night boosts the repairing process.

The anti aging products that we use at night gives great results in preventing the lines and wrinkles since the ingredients in those products boost the elastin and collagen production, which enhances the skin natural elasticity.

The tired and patchy looking skin gets brighter when good night sleep is taken. The results can be further expedited with a good night cream which is an important part of any night skin care routine regardless of the type of your skin.

For the oily and acne prone skin, the acne treatments applied at night can work for good 7-8 hours. So, that the pimple causing bacteria can be eliminated faster. Such anti acne products are mostly photosensitive thus has to be used at night.

During the day the skin accumulates dust and dirt so, when the facial skin is cleansed at night, the skin gets free from the dirt and debris which keeps the skin pores clean.

While we asleep, our blood vessels dilates which allows more nutrients and oxygen to penetrate in the skin and cellular toxic products are eliminated.

Basics of daily night skin care routine

1. Facial cleansing

Any skin care routine starts with facial cleansing. Whether you have oily, dry, sensitive skin. Use of facial cleansers is the first step. You can use a face wash, facial cleanser, cleansing milk or other cleansing product to complete this step. Care should be taken while choosing proper face wash or cleansers. Oily skin should use foaming or gel based cleansers while dry skinned people should try creamy face wash which give moisture to dry skin.

2. Toning

After you are done with the face cleansing, the next step is the toning. Toner help to maintain the skin’s pH balance this is also a very important step in improving the skin texture.

3. Night cream

The most important step in night skin care routine which repairs the skin is using night cream. During the night the skin heals so if we give some more nutrients to the skin in the form of night cream, the skin will get nourished and rejuvenate even at a faster rate. If you have oily skin then night creams which are oil free are good to give moisture and nourishment to the skin while for the dry skin thick night creams are beats. Such night creams will be rich in emollients which will make a layer over the dry skin and will restore the moisture balance so that you can wake up with a great glowing skin.

4. Under eye cream

Other than the night cream, an under eye cream is also important to include in the night skin care routine regardless of your skin type. Your under eye skin doesn’t have any lubricating glands therefore the area needs to be hydrated. Using an under eye cream will be beneficial in the long run to keep the eyes look younger and to prevent the wrinkles under the eyes. You can use under eye serums or creams as per the choice.

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Night skin care routine for dry skin

Night Time beauty routine for Dry, Acne Prone and mature skin

For dry skin a night skin care routine is highly recommend by the skin experts. This because the dry skin is prone to line and wrinkles, therefore care should be taken while dealing with dry skin.

A hydrating skin cleanser should be used which gives the skin boost of moisture and also gets rid of the dirt dust and pollutants over the skin surface.

Use a skin toner that is alcohol free. Alcohol free toner are ideal for dry skin and they will further maintain skin’s natural balance.

After the toner a skin serum can be applied. Serums are high in nutrients yet easy to permeate in the skin.

Thereafter a night cream shall be used. A night cream that contains hyaluronic acid is ideal for dry skin which not only gives moisture but repairs the dryness.

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Night skin care routine for oily skin

Night Time beauty routine for oily acne prone skin

Oily skin care routine starts with the proper face wash. Face wash or cleansers that have tea tree oil, salicylic acid etc are good for oily skin. This will prevent the acne.

Oily skin can be washed with luke warm water so that the hardened sebum or dirt can be easily removed from the pores.

The impurities that are stuck on the face throughout the day will make the oily skin dull at the night therefore proper cleansing is must.

Make sure to scrub the oily skin 2 times in a week. Apply a toner which isn’t harsh or have alcohol in it.

After that a night cream with less emollients and oil free should be used. Such night cream will give the nutrients and skin looks a lot healthier.

A lot of people who have extremely oily skin can skip the night creams and use skin serums instead.

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Night skin care Regimen for skin with acne

Use a facial cleanser that has anti acne ingredients. Such cleanser will remove the deep set dirt and cleanses the pores.

Mild lukewarm water can be used to dilate the pores so that the face wash can easily deep clean the pores.

After the cleansing, skin toner shall be used which closes the pores and gets rid of the excessive oils?

For skin that has acne night time is the best time to use the acne treatments like the antibiotic gel, benzoyl peroxide gel etc. These will kill the bacteria overnight and with every passing day skin becomes clearer.

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Night skin care for mature skin over 40s

Night skin care routine for Dry mature skin

For mature skin the cleanser should be hydrating and gentle. Serum becomes must for mature skin.

Anti aging serums will give the vital nutrients and as the blood vessels dilates during the sleep, nutrients will get absorbed in the skin better.

Anti aging creams with Alpha Hydroxy Acids AHAs or Beta Hydroxy Acids should be chosen. These mildly exfoliates the skin and increases the cell renewal rate as a result of which the skin lines are faded.

The night creams which are thicker in texture and have more emollients are good for mature skin. This will prevent the signs of aging and keeps the skin stays younger a lot longer.

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