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NFL: Tom Brady fan pays $800,000 for “All In Challenge” experience

NFL: Tom Brady fan pays $800,000 for “All In Challenge” experience

Six-time Super Bowl Champion has auctioned off a chance to experience his first home game as Tampa Bay Buccaneer like no one else and is the biggest revenue package ever seen in the “All In” Challenge “. It is a virtual fundraiser offering experiences with athletes, celebrities and businesses and raising funds for charities that help people in need during the coronavirus pandemic.
NFL: Tom Brady fan pays $800,000 for "All In Challenge"
NFL: Tom Brady fan pays $800,000 for “All In Challenge”
Here’s how the All In Challenge website described the experience with Tom Brady:

“You can join Tom in this historic and unprecedented experience by attending (with three friends) his first game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in addition to a private dinner or private training with Tom himself – the choice is up to you and your friends!

“After every impressive moment with this modern legend, you will be able to take home your first uniform and crampons used for the game to display and cherish with your other Brady memories. A moment like this does not happen often in sports , and now you can be a piece of it and all its glory. ”

The “All In Challenge” fundraiser was created by Michael Rubin. He is the founder of sportswear company Fanatics and is also co-owner of the NBA Philadelphia 76ers and the NHL New Jersey Devils.
Rubin says the goal is to provide food for children, the elderly and frontline heroes who are fighting to stop the spread of the coronavirus. By Thursday, more than $ 25 million had been raised for charities such as Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, America’s Food Fund, World Central Kitchen and No Kid Hungry.

The auction for Brady’s experience started at $ 50,000 on Tuesday; after 32 auctions, it closed at $ 800,000. The identity of the winning fan has not been revealed. Brady accepted the offer in an article on social media on April 14.

At the end of his post, Brady challenged several people to participate, including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who accepted the challenge two days later, providing a VIP experience at the Super Bowl that includes tickets midfielder and a chance to join him during the trophy presentation.

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Seventeen NFL experiences make up the more than 100 items currently being auctioned as part of the challenge.

Last weekend, the NFL received praise for how it successfully completed the first virtual entry project in the league. But the positive news from the league offices in New York does not mean that the NFL has not felt the impact of the global pandemic. Far from there.
NFL: Tom Brady fan pays $800,000 for "All In Challenge"

Goodell acknowledged that “tough decisions” had to be made because of the economic consequences of the coronavirus.

In a CNN note obtained Wednesday from a familiar with its distribution, Goodell announced layoffs, pay cuts and cuts to the NFL pension plan. The also revealed that Goodell had voluntarily reduced his own salary to $ 0, starting last month.

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