New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie Is a Legacy Sequel That Follows Old Man Leatherface

Leatherface is finally coming back this year and horror fans have reason to be excited. As reported by Bloody Disgusting, producer Fede Alvarez has confirmed that the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot is actually a direct sequel to the original 1974 horror classic directed by Tobe Hooper. As Alravez tells it, this time around we are going to see what old man Leatherface looks like.

Horror fans will know Fede Alvarez from his work on movies such as Don’t Breathe and 2013’s Evil Dead. The filmmaker recently spoke with the outlet and, while he couldn’t dive too deep into specifics, explained that they have indeed made a direct sequel. This means they are likely ignoring the events of previous sequels in the franchise, much like what was done with 2018’s Halloween. And that worked out pretty well. Here’s what Alvarez had to say about it.

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“It is a direct sequel, and it is the same character. It is old man Leatherface.”

Plot details remain firmly under wraps for the time being. David Blue Garcia directed the movie, taking over a week into production and starting over from scratch. Chris Thomas Devlin wrote the screenplay. Elsie Fisher (Eighth Grade), Sarah Yarkin (Happy Death Day 2U), Mark Burnham (Wrong Cops), Moe Dunford (The Dig), Olwen Fouéré (Mandy), Alice Krige (Star Trek), Jacob Latimore (The Maze Runner), Nell Hudson (Victoria), Jessica Allain (The Laundromat), Sam Douglas (Snatch), William Hope (Dark Shadows) and Jolyon Coy (War & Peace) make up the cast. Speaking further, Fede Alvarez explained that they worked hard to give the movie a classic feel.

“Everything is classic, old school gags. A lot of the approach that we had with Evil Dead, never VFX, to do everything on camera. It’s a very old school approach to filmmaking. Vintage lenses… it’s very similar to the original film.”

The franchise has been away from the big screen for a long time. The last time an entry made it to theaters was 2013’s Texas Chainsaw 3D. It was not met with a warm welcome critically and made a decent, though not great, $47 million at the global box office. The most recent entry overall was a prequel titled Leatherface. The movie had a troubled production and road to release. It ultimately was released via on demand and VOD, with a very limited theatrical run and made little impact.

There is no word yet on an official release date for the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. Last October, Legendary Pictures launched an official website and revealed the first poster, which highlights Leatherface. It also hinted strongly at a connection to the original. The poster made it clear that the intent was to release the movie sometime in 2021. Given that the situation at the box office is slowly starting to improve, it seems like a safe bet this one will be making its way to theaters. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as any further details on the project are made available.

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