New Rick and Morty Loot Crate Revealed [EXCLUSIVE]

Loot Crate has revealed their new Rick and Morty box for July, “Far-Away Vibes,” and it’s packed with tons of fun products for fans of the series.

Screen Rant reveals a new Rick and morty July Loot Crate, titled “Far-Away Vibes”. The popular sci-fi comedy series Adult Swim recently released its first Season 5 trailer, further teasing warp adventures, defying science, and hinting at pop culture. Co-creators Justin Roiland and Ben Harmon will continue to helm the series through its fifth season, which premieres Sunday, June 20 at 11:00 p.m. EST.

After years of critical praise, Adult Swim has ordered a massive 70-episode expansion for Rick and morty in 2018. It was never specified how many seasons this expansion is supposed to cover, but the show’s writers recently announced that work on Season 7 has already started. For a series that has only been held back by extended production schedules, this is great news, and it means there is much more to it. Rick and morty content to come in the future.

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Screen Rant has the first look at a new Rick and morty Loot Crate coming in July. The new box, titled “Far-Away Vibes”, is themed around summer beach vacations. The loot crate is filled with exclusive merchandise for diehard fans, including a t-shirt, beach blanket, and beach bag. Check out the exclusive first preview of Screen Rant below.

[EXCLUSIVE] Relax and ricklax with the new Rick and Morty July crate from Loot Crate!

Kick off your shoes, grab your beach chair and get ready for some “distant vibes” with the July Rick and Morty Crate. Take a well-deserved vacation with officially licensed and exclusive collectibles and gear featuring your favorite characters from the Rick and Morty universe.

The “Far-Away Vibes” July Crate is filled with exclusives, including a Ricktanical t-shirt, beach blanket, collapsible beach bag, juice glass and more.

Supplies are limited and these crates sell out quickly! To enjoy this impressive collection of Rick and Morty items, be sure to order by July 15 at 9 p.m. PST. Rick and Morty crates start at $ 39.99 plus shipping and handling. “

Rick and Morty Faraway Vibes Loot Crate

Rick and Morty Lootcrate Towel and Shirt

Rick and Morty Lootcrate T-Shirt Logo

Rick and Morty Lootcrate Towel Pattern

New Rick and morty Loot Crate will drop in the middle of Season 5, just as fans enjoy new adventures for the eponymous duo. After the craziness of Season 4, and given the length of the series, it should be interesting to see what types of antics Rick does this time around. Rick and morty Season 4 made a number of breathtaking fourth jokes about writers who don’t stick to any particular style or genre, which has always been part of the show’s strength. This means that fans can probably look forward to a lineup of more serious comedies and episodes in Season 5.

Due to the massive expansion previously given to the show by Adult Swim, there is also the possibility that the series could set up multi-season storylines on a larger scale. It seems a bit outside the scope of Rick and morty traditional episodic structure, but that is certainly not out of the question. The series has been a huge hit by centering both great comedic writing and a solid set of characters, and the balance of the two will continue to be its formula for success when Rick and morty returns for season 5.

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