New Manga Flips My Hero Academia’s Minoru Mineta Upside Down

U.A. High students from My Hero Academia view Minoru Mineta in the same way as Sieg’s group of adventurers in The Strongest Gatekeeper view him.

Aside from essentially being a lecherous old man in a child’s body, it’s understandable why many of the students at My Hero Academia‘s U.A. High would rather not be teamed up with Minoru Mineta, but it’s unfathomable why an adventuring party in a new manga doesn’t want to work with and treats a particularly strong warrior exactly like Minoru.

In The Strongest Gatekeeper – The Expelled Warrior With 9999 Defense Is Unmatched As The Gatekeeper Of The Royal Capital, the problem with Sieg is that his combat style doesn’t jive with how his party’s leader wants to portray his fellow adventurers in the manga written by Tomobashi Kametsu and Amanachita. Called the [Crimson Lotus Fang], his party is all about having a strong offensive power, and Sieg’s strategy involves him doing anything but attacking. Instead, he attracts the attention of enemies and uses his insane defensive capabilities to absorb their blows so that his team members can take them out. Even though Sieg’s style is incredibly effective, his team leader kicks him out of the [Crimson Lotus Fang] because he can only see Sieg as a coward and calls him “scarecrow.”

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Ironically, when applying for a job to join the city’s gatekeepers after getting fired, Sieg’s abilities bedazzle the gatekeepers’ leader, who is of a higher rank. He not only hires Sieg on the spot, but feels compelled to challenge Sieg to a battle one on one. Additionally, the [Crimson Lotus Fang] apparently started struggling upon Sieg’s departure, according to the series’ synopsis, though, as of the second chapter, this has yet to be seen.

In My Hero Academia, Minoru Mineta is, for the most part, ignored and hated by his classmates on account of his perverted nature and overall lameness. Another contributing factor is his absurd Pop Off Quirk, where the sticky, regenerative balls on his head can literally be popped off for use as projectiles and for trapping his opponents. For a good chunk of the series, Minoru is regarded as a useless hero in training until he begins proving himself on numerous occasions. For example, he literally piggybacks on the physically fit Momo Yaoyorozu using his Pop Off balls to pass a course during the U.A. Sports Festival. Later, in a move that reveals his overall unorthodox albeit effective fighting strategies, he lures his opponent Midnight during the First Term Final Exam by pretending to run before binding her with his Grape Rush Super Move.

Because of how useful he later proves himself to be, My Hero Academias Minoru Mineta, along with Sieg from The Strongest Gatekeeper manga, are both misunderstood characters who their teammates ridicule and underestimate despite their amazing capabilities. Minoru might have an overly strange Quirk and an equally absurd personality, but his overall cunningness, ability to use his opponents’ strengths and weaknesses against them, and his knowledge of his Quirk have transformed him into a worthy adversary and ally. Meanwhile, Sieg’s powers and skills are quite apparent. His unfortunate predicament mostly comes as the result of his teammates’ lack of insightfulness and overall shallow outlook on what their team represents, a failing which blinds them to the extraordinary abilities of their comrade-in-arms and what he brings to the table.

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