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New Fortnite Tournament Pokes Fun at Apple App Store Ban

Epic Games hits Apple back over the removal of Fourteen days from the iOS App Store by hosting a #FreeFortnite Cup tournament for players on all platforms, with prizes that make fun of Apple’s logo and image.

The two companies have been at odds since Apple was removed Fourteen days The App Store app alleged last week that Epic broke its developer agreement by allowing in-app purchases through means other than the App Store system, which Apple is cutting from. Epic hit back with a lawsuit against Apple, saying its practices were anti-competitive.

Now, Epic is saying that iOS gamers are being “left behind” as they cannot update their apps to the latest versions and therefore will not be able to play the upcoming ones Season 4.

“These are the last days of it all Fourteen days The ability of the community to play together, ”Epic Games said in a blog post. “Apple blocked Fourteen days from the App Store to prevent players from updating to new versions. Players on iOS devices will remain powered on Chapter 2 – Season 3 while everyone else is jumping in Chapter 2 – Season 4 Start on August 27th. ”

New Fortnite Tournament Pokes Fun
New Fortnite Tournament Pokes Fun
Epic games

Before starting Chapter 2 – Season 4The #FreeFortnite Cup event kicks off on Sunday, August 23rd and allows all players to play together for the last time (at least for now). Points are awarded for actively playing, eliminating other players, and winning a Victory Royale.

The prizes are fun at Apple’s expense, including a Tart Tycoon outfit in the shape of a giant apple-headed man in a suit, given to players who earn at least 10 points, and a Free Fortnite physical cap with graphics to commemorate that old Apple logo given to the 20,000 highest scoring players.

The rift between the two companies has panicked gamers on iOS devices, and used phones with Fortnite have been spotted on eBay for insane prices of up to $ 4,000 or $ 5,000. IOS users who have not yet installed the app on their device are unlucky, but Android users can still download and play the game by installing it directly from the Epic Games app.

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