New Amsterdam: new season on Canale 5

New Amsterdam: new season on Canale 5

TV series: New Amsterdam on Canale 5

The screen gets dark and the suspension of disbelief flies out the window. It happens in an episode of New Amsterdam, the medical series back with the new episodes of season 2 on Canale 5 from June 4 in the early evening. The leading actor, Ryan Eggold (formerly known as the husband-agent of the star of The Blacklist), he takes off the coat of Dr. Max Goodwin, director of the hospital that gives the title to the series, and turns to the camera from the sofa in his home. What he tells the public is incredible and surpasses any script, even the most imaginative or chilling. During the filming of the “Pandemic” episode – later renamed under another, less prophetic name – the spread of an unknown virus in New York was assumed. The production had not yet closed its doors for the Covid-19 emergency nor had it donated the medical supplies to the hospital facilities (as it did then), therefore the shooting was proceeding in absolute normalcy. Only a few days after the new entry Daniel Dae Kimm (historical face of Lost and here interpreter of Dr. Cassian Shin) discovered that he was infected on the set and right during the clapperboard of that episode too close to reality. In short, the creator of the series David Schulner decided to broadcast it by cutting all the references to the pandemic, as a gesture of respect for those, doctors and patients, in the same period were really fighting with the coronavirus.

That’s why Italian spectators will now look at the adventures of New Amsterdam with different eyes and probably a more careful look. Nobody would have thought about it just a few months before, when Ryan Eggold and his colleague Freema Agyeman, aka Dr. Helen Sharpe (already beloved in the unfortunate prequel to Sex and the city, The Carrie Diaries) presented the new season at the Monte-Carlo TV Festival. Good times, in short, when there was only talk of the liason between their characters, strongly desired (or, as they say in nerd jargon, “shipped”) by fans.

Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman

I hope I’m not the only one who hoped Max’s wife would be killed to leave him free to love Helen. Does this make me a bad person?
Freema: Not at all, in fact you are in excellent company because many people see something between the two that goes far beyond professional feeling and friendship. It is a sense of familiarity that you cannot explain, a magical complicity.

Max is a doctor but becomes patient when he discovers he has cancer and stages the greatest fears of each of us: even doctors, those who are predisposed to treat us, get sick. What do you think?
Ryan: When Max finds out he has cancer he feels deeply uncomfortable with this vulnerability. For someone like him who does not open easily, creating a bond, especially with Helen, based on a weakness, is alienating, terrifies him to death. We can all understand how it feels to feel helpless, right?

Doctors are the heroes of our times. What did you learn about this profession and yours in the hospital ward of New Amsterdam?
Freema: Ours is one of the few jobs you need to trust colleagues immediately. You feel exposed and everything is based on trust. only when you let yourself go do you feel free, not judged, and from there an authentic dialogue. You get naked and then you play with it.

It is enough to hear you speak and see you together to understand that there is static electricity between you. Can it be created or does it sparkle?
Ryan: The so-called alchemy, the “chemistry” that is much talked about between actors, does not have a rational foundation, it is created and that’s all. And the two of us instantly trusted each other.

In addition to being an artist, what would you like to be remembered for?
Ryan: I wish they said that I am a kind person.
Freema: I don’t like taking things too seriously or thinking about the future. I enjoy the moment, all the way. I know that life passes in an instant and I don’t want to miss any of it.

Helen looks like a Wonder Woman, like all oncologists. But how do you get off the set?
Freema: I am a competitive person, one of those who at school wanted to excel in sports and in fact I dreamed of a future as a professional athlete because I am capable of everything that is physical. It is no coincidence that my new obsession is yoga, it is making me stronger.

In what, however, do you feel denied?
Freema: Technology is not for me, I don’t even have a pc. And I only bought a cell phone because my agent, one of the clamshells, forced me, you know?

Ryan, how does she relax instead?
Ryan: I don’t think that physical activity, primarily dance, is for me, so I orient myself on the creative one, I like writing and I’m thinking of making my directorial debut.

He looks like the perfect man, like Max, who in one of the new episodes of New Amsterdam becomes the sexy face of crowfunding for a girl in need of an operation. Tell us at least one thing that you don’t do well.
Ryan: I’m bad at drawing. Is it worth as a defect?

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