Netflix tv series: here are all the releases of April 2020

Netflix tv series: here are all the releases of April 2020

Netflix news for April 2020. Some Hamburg students suggest covering the cities with spoilers on the TV series Netflix to discourage leaving the house. Meanwhile, Chrome has invented an extension (not linked to the platform) entitled “Netflix party” to watch the same program together with friends but at a distance. If ever there was a need, in short, in time of forced imprisonment this colossus continues to represent a safe haven for all ages. IS April proves to be full of appointments between films, documentaries, and series. Here are five absolutely unmissable, all original and first-run:

Netflix tv series
Netflix tv series

The paper house 4

Will the Professor do his magic again? All fans of the resistance ask, who has the name de on TV The paper house. Coming April 3 with the fourth season, the Spanish gang of robbers – now an icon of the fight against injustice with Dalì’s mask and red suit – is grappling with a new blow. Initially scored to release Rio, it turns like a boomerang against the whole team and not only because the boy, after months of torture, decided to give up Tokyo because of their “toxic” relationship. In the meantime, Lisbon is being blackmailed by the police, who threaten to take it out on their mother and daughter, and at the same time Nairobi is in the balance between life and death. Unlike the first floor at the State Mint, this time the Professor relies on an idea of ​​Berlin and Palermo and his self-confidence begins to seriously creak.

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Coffee and Kareem

The film Coffee and Kareem, arriving on April 3, stages a strange couple formed by Ed Helms (One night from lions) and Taraji P. Henson (Empire): she is Vanessa, a single mother, he is an incapable policeman, James Coffee. The comedy mechanism starts immediately when the woman’s son, the twelve-year-old Kareem, hires a criminal to scare Coffee, or the mother’s boyfriend. Thus began a daring adventure on the streets of Detroit that puts everyone in danger and gives way to a series of misunderstandings to say the least hilarious.

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Brews Brothers

The first season of the comedy series arrives on the platform on April 10th. created by the Schaffer brothers, Jeff and Greg, it revolves around the misadventures of Wilhem and Adam Rodman, two brothers “forced” to manage a brewery together. Played by Alan Aisenberg (Orange is the new black) and Mike Castle (Grace and Frankie), they couldn’t be more different. Cohabitation then becomes nothing short of surreal and exhilarating and for eight episodes this dynamic duo will have to try to get business off the ground but above all understand each other and get to know each other better to act in unison as a family.

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Tyler Rake

Thor is back … or almost: the actor Chris Hemsworth in fact, this time he returns to the service of the Russo brothers’ direction (not as directors but as screenwriter and producer) but not for a fine comic: the action movie Tyler Rake, arriving on April 24, promises equally adrenaline but in a totally different way. The protagonist is a highly experienced mercenary on a mission to Bangladesh to save the son of a narco boss who has been kidnapped. The assignment, which seems to be one of many in his curriculum of extreme and therefore very risky situations, actually turns into a journey towards self-rediscovery.


One of the most awaited appointments, not only by the nostalgic, but also by all fans of Federico Moccia’s stories, the Summertime series, debuts on April 29. Inspired by the novel 3 meters above the sky who launched Riccardo Scamarcio into the Italian star system thanks to the film adaptation, the story revolves around a group of friends. It takes place in the summer on the Adriatic coast but there are not many details on the plot. The cast includes Ludovico Tersigni, interpreter of SKAM Italia, perhaps the only face known to the public, here in the role of Ale. Loves and friendships intertwine in a holiday atmosphere, which totally changes its tone compared to the other Italian series already produced by Netflix, namely Baby, Suburra and Black Moon.

Still not enough? There is always the Game of Thrones marathon to see and review … Or the new fantasy Letter the King and the series dedicated to the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud

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