Netflix: teenage TV series of love to see

Teen TV series: what to see on Netflix

The first heartbeats beat, one click after another, on Netflix where the teenage love stories millions of spectators continue to thrill. Many are very recent, others instead have a few years of life but enjoy a timeless freshness. List them all would be impossible because the range is very wide and varied.

It passes from the young rich and rebellious Spaniards of Elite to the mysterious suicide of the protagonist of Thirteen, who still haunts classmates like a ghost, from the clumsy Indian nerd of I never… to the mysteries of Riverdale, from the itchy questions of Sex education the sociopathic madness of The end of the f *** ing world, from the upside down of Stranger Things to the magic of The terrifying adventures of Sabrina.

Teen TV series
Teen TV series

Love rhymes with ice skating in Spinning out and with the cheerleading of Try to challenge me, but it is also cultivated among school desks, as in the Greenhouse Academy. From the dangerous relationships of pretty Little Liars forbidden and fashionable flirts for Gossip Girl: growing up on TV is really a struggle. But one of those fun, exciting and even surprising. Here are five examples that demonstrate it in full, worthy heirs of Beverly Hills, 90210 and Dawson’s Creek, and waiting to discover the new adaptation of episodes signed by the platform and based on the latest novel by Elena Ferrante, The Liar Life of Adults.


Strictly made in Italy and freely inspired by one of the most loved lovestory (at least for a couple of generations of teenagers), Three meters above the sky by Federico MocciaSummertime is the perfect series for the summer. Enriched by cameo by Raphael Gualazzi and on the notes of Leoni by Francesca Michielin, the story speaks of boys to boys, on vacation on the Adriatic coast. The love at first sight between Ale (Ludovico Tersigni of Skam Italia) and Summer (Coco Rebecca Edogamhe, at the debut) evolves throughout the summer and overcomes the differences between the two, which together grow and evolve. In short, opposites attract in eight fresh episodes such as the sea breeze, shot between Ravenna, Cesenatico and Rome.
Perfect for those looking for a thought-provoking, relaxing and light story, capable of such light-heartedness in the lockdown period.

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2. LOVE 101

Set in Turkey in the 1990s, the series follows various students, renamed “the worst” when they blow up the elite school debate they attend. They team up despite the differences, the fixations of the families, the pressure of the professors and the many falls in love, starting from the first kiss between Kerem and Eda. These young troublemakers even try to play Cupid with teachers (the teacher with the basketball coach, to be precise), but above all they try with all their own perhaps to find a voice capable of emerging from the labels and expectations of others. Despite the rather closed socio-cultural context, especially compared to our western standards, these teenagers are able to experience a range of emotions, from joy to pain, but in an amplified way, like every event of puberty.
Ideal for those who are curious about different uses and customs, only to then understand that what unites us is stronger than what divides us.


The title is named after the locality of the same name in North Carolina, where a group of kids on the fringes of society embarks on adventure and in search of a mysterious treasure. The “gang leader” from the Pogues is called John B and wants to follow in the footsteps of his father who just passed away. To do so, he involves trusted friends and in the meantime lets himself be attracted by Sarah, one of the Kooks, the local snobs. The intention is to offer an impossible love, in Romeo and Juliet style, but imbuing it with modern references (and not only musical). These young people live at the antipodes and, between drugs and alcohol, are eager to experiment with everything but also to free themselves from their inheritance. Sometimes, in fact, the ostentatious swagger remains one of the most evident symptoms of insecurities.
Recommended for those who love surprise and the thrill of danger, at any cost: pure adrenaline for an unpredictable treasure hunt.


After the failure of the film adaptation, the saga on demon hunters created by Cassandra Clare arrives on TV with a renewed cast and a more dynamic style. There exists a world parallel to that of mortals, populated by creatures of all kinds, such as werewolves, fairies and demons. The order is in the hands of Nephilim, creatures with human traits and half angels, who fight for the supreme Good. A New York girl, Clary, discovers that she is part of this lineage and has incredible talents. The path of self-discovery passes through a very strong attraction for the fearless hunter Jace. Both have a dark past, which is intertwined with the events of the Lightwood family, which also includes the tender Alec, parabatai of Jace, or partners forever linked by an oath of mutual loyalty.
Unmissable for those who believe in magic and ties that transcend reason and blood, but are capable of making us stronger by sharing weaknesses.


Based on most legendary characters of the Middle Ages, Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, re-become these figures in key “Abercrombie models”. With the exception of the young protagonist magician, Merlin, the protagonists seem to be ready for an intimate parade, starting from the young heir to the throne (Bradley James) up to the group of talented and handsome knights, from Lancelot (Santiago Cabrera) to Parsifal ( Tom Hopper). Among others we also find Tom Ellis (the protagonist of Lucifer) e Asa Butterfield (Sex education star). The myth is changed a little, even if it includes more or less all the well-known characters, from Lady Morgana to Geneva (who from her servant becomes the love interest of Prince Arthur). The space for romance is almost incidental, because Camelot’s noble warriors must always defend the kingdom from this or that monster.
Suitable for those who still don’t feel ready for Game of Thrones but want to start getting familiar with the historical fantasy genre, this time in teen sauce.

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