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One of the best Netflix series returns this January 21 on the platform. If you haven’t given it a chance yet, now might be a good time.


Chicago financial adviser Marty quietly launders money for a drug lord. When his partner betrays him, he must quickly move with his family to the Ozarks. On the spot, he finds himself in spite of himself opposed to a local dealer whose business he is dangerously competing with, as well as to a clan of petty thugs, led by a 19-year-old girl, who is trying to extract money from him. In addition, he must also avoid being spotted by a tenacious FBI agent. If he wants to protect his family, Marty must quickly launder the dirty money, while adjusting to this new life.

Ozark by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. The first three seasons and the first part of season 4 of the series are available on Netflix.


Drugs, cartels, money laundering, a lost corner and a dysfunctional family… Yes, the ingredients united in Ozark seem very familiar. But the Netflix series created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams is not content to be an ersatz of Breaking Bad but rather proves to be a worthy heiress.

If you were a fan of Vince Gilligan’s series, then you should let yourself be tempted by Ozark, which unfortunately sometimes goes unnoticed in the eyes of subscribers to the American platform, drowned in a very (too?) extensive catalog. Work underrated by the general public, Ozark has nevertheless managed to gradually make a nice place for itself in the hearts of critics and in ceremonies, with 3 Emmy Awards to its credit.

As one of the premium series on Netflix, Ozark can count on brilliant and incisive writing, which gains in quality with each season in addition. Each burst of episodes pushes the cursor further, connects the hard-hitting dialogues, the suspended moments and the breathless twists which even make them forget the length of the chapters for those now fed in 30-minute format.

Netflix its one of the best series and you havent


In addition to a relevant background, groping the question of the existential crisis, digging into societal and family issues and building an inevitable circle of violence, Ozark also charms with its form and its staging. With captivating settings, between lake and forest, a licked aesthetic with cold colors, the series has a hypnotizing side which could weigh down some but which manages to marry perfectly with the rhythm and the intrigue as the episodes progress. .

Finally, Ozark can count on the impeccable performances of its cast, starting with Jason Bateman, also producer and director of a few episodes of the series. The actor, rather accustomed to comedies, excels in the dramatic register with a full performance, without frills, with a lot of sensitivity from this anti-hero Marty Byrde, who ultimately has little in common with Walter White.

We also dub the game of Laura Linney (Wendy Byrde) and Julia Garner (Ruth), who embody two characters with a strong temperament and are not there only to bring a frontal contradiction to Marty. Well-written, these female characters are nuanced, have their own strength and evolution, and are thrilling to follow.

Ultra violent, uncompromising and bittersweet, Ozark is one of Netflix’s best original series and does not deserve to go under the radar. For its electrifying atmosphere and soundtrack, its impeccable and amazing actors and its breathtaking plot, the descent into hell of the Byrde family is really worth more than a glance.