Nest Audio is Google’s new Home speaker. 7 things to know about the upcoming device

Google’s new smart speaker for your home takes an entirely new design – and a new name. From specs to looks, Nest audio Next-generation full-size smart speakers abound for everyday use.

There is much we know about cloth-wrapped devices, and much more we still have to find out. For example, we know that it promises to improve speaker volume by an astonishing percentage, but we’ll have to see how Nest Audio manipulates Recently Updated Amazon Echo In real-world tests. If Nest Audio Specs If there are any indications, this Alexa killer Google can expect.

Nest Audio is Google’s new Home speaker.
Nest Audio is Google's new Home speaker. 7 things to know about the upcoming device 1

The new Nest Audio replaces the original Google Home Speaker. Google/Screenshot

We will tell you about the most important things to know about the price, color, date of sale and features of Nest Audio. And we’ll explain what the new name means for other Google Home ($ 99 at Walmart) And nest devices.

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What is Nest Audio and what Google speakers does it replace?

Nest Audio replaces the original Google Home But, despite the similar name, it is not the successor Google nest. Other Google smart speakers you can buy today include high-end Google home max, Nest mini (in the past Google Home Mini) And Nest hub And Nest hub max Smart displays.

How much does Nest Audio cost and when does it come on sale?

Right now, the Google Store is taking Nest Audio limits for $ 100 (£ 90, AU $ 149), but will knock $ 20 for every two you buy, giving them a profit of $ 90. Google will start placing Nest Audio orders in the US, Canada and India from 5 October. The device will be available in brick and mortar retailers and 21 countries starting October 21.

What color does Nest Audio come in?

You can buy Nest Audio in five pastel colors: chalk (white), charcoal (black), sage (green), sand (pink) and sky (blue). Interestingly, Google has stated that the lattice material such as the fabric that surrounds the speaker is made of 70% recycled plastic.
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What has Google Home improved before?

The new Nest Audio replaces the Google Home’s single 2-inch speaker with a 3-inch woofer with bass and a three-quarter-inch tweeter with high notes. There is also a quad-core processor instead of the original Google Home’s dual-core processor, which can speed up response times and help create richer sound.

Like last year’s updated Nest Mini ($ 50 Best Buy), Nest Audio has a dedicated machine learning chip, which works on some of the processing already handled in Google’s cloud-based data centers (translation: faster responses, better privacy).

Also, rather than looking like an air freshener or a miniature nuclear power plant, Nest Audio is a bit more loaf-like, which I personally find as an improvement.

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Nest Audio runs another Google Home speaker under the Google Nest banner.

Google: Read Nest Audio: Google’s newest smart speaker is replacing the original Google Home

Will all Google Home speakers now be Nest Audio?

Among me Google Home Pets, Clear branding is one that irked me again and again. With many Nest-branded smart speakers, it certainly looks like Google is embracing “Nest” as the new brand name. However, the company also bounced back and forth for some time, realizing the matter. I guess Nest is here to stay.

Which mobile app will use Nest Audio: Google Home or Nest?

Part of the confusion surrounding the new name is which app you’ll use to control Nest Audio from your phone. There are two mobile apps for Nest – one for Nest, one for Google Home – but the device names do not match the app. The Nest App directs the company’s SMART Thermostat, smoke detector, And The cameras, But if you want to install a Nest Mini or, possibly, Nest Audio, you’ll need to use the Google Home app.

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Are there any new Google Assistant orders?

If there are, Google did not announce them with the new Nest Audio Smart Speaker. Instead, Google highlighted the speakers’ Full house audio facility, Which the company recently Update with better control. Additionally, Google devoted a good portion of its presentation to Youtube Music, Which it says will add some features in the coming weeks (possibly independent of Nest Audio launch).

It’s easy to ignore, but don’t forget that the new Nest Audio is a full Bluetooth speaker, Too. And like previous Google Home speakers, it probably will Make a great speakerphone, Too. Whenever you set up a new Google Home speaker, Google Assistant can give you suggestions. Here’s how to shut them down.

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