Nature’s Essence Apple Pack Skin Polishing Pack , Price, How to

Nature’s Essence Apple Pack Skin Polishing Pack , Price and How to Use: Hi everyone, Apple is a great fruit that can help minimize the skin blemishes like the dark spots on the face, acne pimple marks and scars. Not only that. This magical fruit can also tighten an tone the skin for a polishing velvety effect. I got this apple pack while ago and have been using this. My mum had also used this pack. And friends you must have seen that fruit facial packs are highly beneficial for skin fairness and glow. I will review Nature’s Essence Apple Pack Skin Polishing Pack in today’s post. So let’s get to know more about this product.

Price of Nature’s Essence Apple Pack:

This is for 125 rupees for 60 g pack


The apple and extracts of Pineapple based face pack will boost a youthful look. The pleasing aroma of this apple pack will relax the stressed nerves and ensures a soft unmatched glow. Even the Nature’s Essence aloe vera gel was good

Experience with Nature’s Essence Apple Pack Skin Polishing pack

This apple skin polishing pack is packaging in an orange colored tub pack. Earlier the tub was tall and now this is short and flat. This is the new packaging of this apple skin polisher pack. I liked this pack when I used these 5-6 years ago and since then I have wanted to use this. Hence I picked this up last month and have been using this apple pack.Even the Nature’s Essence lacto tan clean Pack was also good.

This pack has the goodness of two most effective fruits like the apple and pineapple. These two are good for the skin in multiple ways. The pack is light greenish in color and smells very nice. This smells like some exotic fruits. I loved the smell of this apple pack. The texture is thick and mud like. You have to apply this evenly on the face and then leave this for some 15-20 minutes. Then use fresh water to remove this completely off the face.

Results with Nature’s Essence Apple Pack Skin Polishing Pack

This facial pack is very easy to apply on the face. I feel that after I wash or rinse this face pack, my skin feels very glowy and softer. The way this balances the moisture of the skin is really great. My mum had used this 5-6 years ago and she says that this pack is just amazing. She says that this gives and instant glow which is amazing. I too realized and noticed the same results. This gives a nice soft glow and brightness on the face. It will decrease the dullness and shallowness of the complexion and skin feels very bright looking.

This can be used by all the skin types and I am saying that since I have oily-combination skin while my mum has dry skin. And this Nature’s Essence Apple Pack Skin Polishing pack had worked very well for all of us. The tub of this face pack will last for around 9-10 uses and that actually depends on the quantity that you take for this apple face pack.

Pros of Nature’s Essence Apple Pack Skin Polishing pack

This is affordable and good for all the skin types

This has a very nice smell and gives a glow

This gives a brightening of the skin due to its fruit ingredients like apple and pineapple.

This can be used 2 times in a week to get good and healthy looking skin.

Amount of this product is okay since this will last 8-10 usages.

Cons of Nature’s Essence Apple Pack Skin Polishing pack

I think the complete list of the ingredients is not mentioned on the packaging.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Nature’s Essence Apple Pack Skin Polishing pack is very effective, affordable and result worthy product which will help to tone and tighten the skin. This will also make the skin glow and enhances the dull complexion. The power of pineapple and apple in this face pack will make the skin fairer in regular usage. The pack will last for 9-10 usage which is good and this facial apple pack can be tried once or twice in a week for good results. I will definitely buy a new pack of this skin polisher apple pack when this gets over. Moreover, my mum too loved this.

This was the Nature’s Essence Apple Pack review. Have did  you like it? Have you used it yet?

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