Naturally Repel Bees and Keep Them Away

Natural bee repellents have been around for a very long time and they can be found in a variety of places. The most important thing to remember is that you do not want your bee repellent to be strong enough to repel bees but also strong enough to keep them away. The same goes for bees repellants you use indoors and outdoors.

One way to get a good repellant is to use citronella. If citronella is mixed with other things, like lemon juice or vinegar, it becomes a stronger repellent and a better all-around product as well.

Another repellent is the fragrance oil called citronella oil. This is used in most natural repellents and has great success.


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Naturally Repel Bees and Keep Them Away 1

Eucalyptus is another great natural repellant. It comes from Australia, where it grows wild. It has an all-over repellent effect that is quite strong.

Another repellent is eucalyptus oil. This oil is also known as the “Love Bug” because it has been used to attract love interests. You can find this oil at any pharmacy. It does not have a repellent like a citronella and lemon juice, but it can help in attracting people in.

Tea tree oil is also a great natural repellent. It works great with other repellents such as lemon juice and citronella. This oil should never be used directly on a bee sting because it may cause swelling and it will also sting.

Some people prefer to use repellent sprays instead of repellents themselves. These sprays contain different types of ingredients and are designed specifically for bees. They work well when used with other repellents and should last for weeks before needing to be reapplied.

Natural bee repellents should never harm bees. They should always be used in a safe manner that keeps bees away without hurting them in the process.

The best way to help keep bees away from you is to make sure that you do not leave out the honey. Honey can actually attract bees, so you do not want to keep it out in the open.

In fact, you can use a sprinkler system in order to keep bees away. There are some bee repellents that will also be able to protect against bees going into the hive. A lot of times the bees just leave without using the hives, so having this type of spray can be helpful.

Another important thing to do is to keep your bees away from your garden by using pesticides. Be sure to read the labels carefully and keep them in a safe place.

Never use any chemicals on your plants until you have finished the garden. Sometimes it can attract bees as they are attracted to certain plants.

The bees will gather the honey, which makes it harder to get rid of them. Be sure to wash all of your clothes thoroughly after you clean your garden. Honeycombs can also attract the bees and should be covered in a tarp to prevent them from entering.

When you are using a natural repellant or bee repellent it is very important to make sure that you are careful. Keep bees away from your house. When bees feel threatened they will seek cover somewhere else.

It is a good idea to use a cover for your garden after you have finished watering it. The best way to do this is to make sure that you cover the flowers and plants.

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You will be able to keep the bees away by spraying it around all of your plants. You may also choose to cover the flowers with a tarp and have it put on top of the cover.

You do not need to buy a repellant to keep bees away from your garden. However, when you use one you are going to have to follow all of the directions.

Can there be a bee colony close to your home or within a tree that has to be eliminated?

When there are substances that may easily kill bees to eliminate them, if they’re honey bees, then you might not want them dead. Alternatively, you may use these organic remedies to repel many bees.

Garlic Powder

Bees aren’t fond of the smell of garlic, so to dissuade them from being close to your residence, sprinkle some garlic powder around where you have seen them. Be cautious with all the powder and don’t place it right onto a bee should you see one since it could be fatal to them.


Bees don’t wish to be close peppermint because they dislike the odor. 1 method to keep them away from out of your residence is to plant peppermint round the perimeter of it. Not only will it keep the bees off, but you may use the plant to generate tea.


Cinnamon is just another spice bees prefer to avoid. Sprinkle it every day, or at least once weekly, where you have seen bees going in and out of the nest. It’ll drive them away and keep them away for good if you scatter it frequently.

Distilled Vinegar

This ingredient may be used to keep bees from your backyard or home. Set small, open containers of white distilled vinegar round the backyard to prevent bees from hovering around.

Additionally, use distilled vinegar to wash out birdhouses and hummingbird feeders once they have been emptied into repel bees.

Citronella Candles

If you would like to maintain honeybees and bumblebees from the lawn or your residence, burn citronella candles. It pushes odours bees could possibly be drawn to, like the nectar in a hummingbird feeder. Using citronella candles or torches in bigger regions, it is going to keep bees off.

Hire Removal Agency

If you attempted a couple of remedies, however, the bees return, or when you’ve discovered a colony in your property, employ a dwell bee elimination service to look after the issue. If they’re honeybees, most professional services will store them and supply them with a new residence.

Soap Option

Another organic way of eliminating bees would be to fill out a spray bottle with a solution of half water and half a mild dish soap. Shake the jar to mix it, then spray it about their nest or other regions where you have seen them. Spray the regions during the night to be effective.


You might even place mothballs in certain older nylons or cheesecloth and hang them close to their nest. The mothballs have an overpowering odour, which masks other scents. The bees won’t enjoy it and will avoid it whenever possible.

Plant Marigolds

Whether there are bees in the area, plant marigolds to keep them at bay. Marigolds bloom through the summer and give away a pungent odour that bees don’t wish to be about. They are sometimes set in flower beds or as a boundary round swimming pools to repel bees.

These two options will prevent bees from inside your home or keep them from the backyard in the event that you properly utilize them. They’re safe, natural remedies that the repel bees without killing them.