Natural Remedies for Yellow Nails and Stain Removal

Natural Remedies for Yellow Nails and Stain Removal

Natural Remedies for Yellow Nails and Stain Removal

Yellow nails can make them look unflattering. But yellowing of nails is not just a beauty concern and it may also suggest some underlying health problems. Nail getting yellow can also signify lung disease, live related problems, kidney disorders etc. You should go for a CBC, complete blood count test to check out the medical reason of the yellow nails. But there can be one more reason why your nails are getting yellow or pale in color. You may have been using some cheap nail polishes or nail products which are causing the yellow nails condition. Wearing nail polish all the times can also lead to nails becoming yellow. So, often problem is due to the nail care products. The nail beauty tips we will share in this post will definitely help you to make your nails whiter or pinkier again. These natural home remedies will also remove the dark spots, yellow spots and stains on the nails.

Home Remedies for Yellow Nails and Stain Removal from the Nails

Here is some tips get pink/white nail naturally with products lying in your kitchen.

1. Lemon juice

lemon juice for beautiful nails

Lemon juice is one of the best products to combat any beauty concern. Here too using lemon juice daily on the nails will remove the yellow stains from the nail effectively. Thus nails will get pink and look healthier. To make the hands glow and smoother. You can apply some lemon juice mixed with glycerin on the hands. Massage gently and leave for overnight. This will whiten the yellow nails and make the hands beautiful.

2. Baking soda

Mix baking soda with some water to make a loose paste. Apply this paste on the nail and keep for 10 minutes. Gently scrub this off the nail. This baking soda home remedy will make the yellow nails white/pink and you will soon notice that the stains will be removed.

3. Vitamin E oil

Natural Remedies for Yellow Nails and Stain Removal oil

Vitamin E oil helps to strengthen the nails and beautify the hands. Vitamin E oil will also whiten the nails naturally. Just apply vitamin E oil on the nails and massage gently. Leave this over night. Try this everyday for stronger and healthy nails without ugly looking any stains.

4. Tomato Juice

Rubbing tomato juice daily over the yellow nails will make them whiter again and any stains will be reduced. Tomato juice is a great natural remedy for yellow nails and to remove the stains.

Some Preventive Tips for Nails Getting Yellow

To stop the nails from getting yellow, one should make sure that they are not using cheap nail polishes which have chemicals that make the nails become yellow.

Let the nails be free of nail paint at least once in a day so that they are able to breath and get back to their original color.

After using a nail polish remover use a moisturizing lotions on the nails and the skin near by then after 15- 20 minutes apply the nail polish.

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