9 Natural remedies for clear skin using Multani Mitti

Natural remedies for clear skin using Multani Mitti

Multani Mitti is the Indian name for Fuller’s Earth. To the naked eye, it looks precisely like mud, and many people might wonder if it can do any good.

However, those who have been using it for some time will vouch for it. It is one of the most recommended beauty tips for clear skin. Not only does it help to reduce pimples, but also contributes towards reducing blemishes and improving the overall skin texture.

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Different Ways of Using Multani Mitti

Ask anyone for a few clear skin tips, and they will say that you should apply Multani Mitti. But how exactly are you supposed to use it?

Multani Mitti is usually available in the form of loose powder, which you can get in bottles or packets. Once you have it with you, there are many different face packs that you can make at home easily.

Here are some simple tips for clear skin face packs that you can make at home:


For Glowing Skin 

Mix multani mitti with a little bit of honey, rosewater and sandalwood powder. Apply on face and neck; let it dry for 20 minutes, and then wash off with cold water. Do this twice a week to see a noticeable improvement in skin color and texture and to get glowing, Flawless Skin.

For Reducing Sun Damage

Mix Multani Mitti with tomato juice and sandalwood powder to reduce tan and to soothe skin after excessive exposure to the sun. It lightens the skin considerably and also restores the pH level.

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For Even Skin Tone 

Mix Multani Mitti wit lemon juice and curd to make a face pack that effectively evens out the skin tone and makes a face glow.

Multani Mitti can be mixed with several different ingredients, such as honey, papaya mash, milk, curd, lemon juice, rosewater, neem powder, besan, etc. It depends on what kind of skin problems you’re aiming at. You need to know the properties of the ingredient that you are mixing it with.

To get the benefits of both the ingredient as well as Multani Mitti. And if you don’t have any of these other elements available readily, then you can just mix Multani Matti with water and apply that on a regular b.asis anyway.

If you don’t want to make these packs at home yourself, then you can even go in for the readymade face packs available in the market. However, be careful and choose only a good brand.

Multani Mitti is recommended when someone is looking for tips to clear skin naturally. Stop buying a face pack that has a lot of chemicals in it. The whole purpose gets defeated. Take it from brands that specialize in organic and natural products.

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Other Beauty Tips for Clear Skin


It is vital for a person to understand that getting clear skin involves a lot more than just applying Multani Mitti. Sure, applying these face packs will help to reduce acne and will aid in giving you clearer skin. But one must also take care of their skin on a daily basis if they want it to look flawless.

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Here are some skin clearing tips that you can follow easily every day:

Wash Your Face Regularly 

One of the best natural tips for clear skin is to wash your face regularly every day, especially if your work involves being active outdoor for the most part of the day. 

Pollution, dust, and grime clog your skin pores, and it is vital for you to keep them clean to let the skin breathe easily.

This is why beauty experts emphasize washing your face with plain water at least 4-5 times a day, and at least twice with a mild face wash.

Remove Make-Up Properly

If you already have oily skin problems, then one of the clear skin tips that beauticians vouch for is to use natural makeup product.  

The natural makeup product emphasizes Tain fewer chemicals and don’t clog the pores so much. Apart from that, it is vital to remove your make up before you go to bed.

Never sleep with makeup on, as it clogs the pores severely and makeup particles entering your skin is the worst thing you can do to it. If you want your skin to be clear, let it breathe, and remove makeup before bed without fail.

Eat Healthily Natural remedies

One of the tips for a clear face is to eat right. What you eat reflects on your skin, and if you want your skin to look great, you might as well focus on eating foods that aid in the process.

Too much consumption of sugary and oily foods causes the body’s natural processes to get disrupted, which means that you are oozing out oil from your pores all the time. 

Drink a lot of water every day, consume a lot of fresh juices, and eat a diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables so that the body can flush out toxins on a regular basis and you get clear skin naturally.

Follow these simple beauty tips for clear skin and apply Multani Mitti packs at least twice a week; with this kind of a beauty regime, you will no longer find yourself complaining about pimples, acne or blemishes.

Natural remedies tips for clear skin do not give instant results and need to be followed religiously for at least a couple of weeks to see the difference, but they do go a long way in restoring the balance of your skin and lead to no side effects.

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