Natalie Reveals If She Gave Back Mike’s Ring (Spoiler)

90 Day Fiancé fans collectively trashed Mike Youngquist online when he asked Natalie Mordovtseva to return the ring, but did the season 8 star do it?

Has 90 Day Fiancé season 8 couple Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva ended things for good? While the answer to this question remains a mystery, there’s another one that’s keeping TLC viewers curious. As fans saw Mike stoop to the lowest low by not asking Natalie to stay, but to return her ring, many wondered if the Ukrainian star would comply. While 90 Day Fiancé episode 15 did not solve the riddle, Natalie herself has revealed whether she gave back the controversial ring. Read on for spoilers.

When TLC had dropped the surprise trailer for 90 Day Fiancé season 8, fans learned that Mike and Natalie – a couple they thought had broken up – were coming back. But the video also teased Natalie returning home on the day of her wedding while calling Mike a monster. After 14 episodes of anticipation, the scene did air but kept a lot of secrets under wraps. Mike did dump Natalie and booked a ticket to France for her during the pandemic as she tried to leave Sequim for Seattle using Tamara’s help. But the pair of women had to return to Mike for his credit card, which is when the 90 Day Fiancé star asked Natalie for a hug.

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Naturally, Natalie broke down, having to face her 90 Day Fiancé partner again, as he asked her “Hey Natalie, do you have the ring?” She replied with “I’m not giving you ring. It’s your decision to break up with me,” as she announced that it was her right to keep the ring which he’d first given to her during their proposal in Paris. Mike asked multiple times if he could have the ring back, but Natalie declared that she wanted to keep it to remember “how much pain” it cost her and “how much suffering” she’d been through. The episode, however, didn’t reveal if Natalie did comply after Mike accused her of keeping it so she could sell it.

On Instagram, Natalie Mordovtseva revealed that she was doing fine in a gorgeous black dress to promote her Cameo account. A fan asked Natalie in the comments, “Did you give your ring back? You should!!!” and she replied, “no I didn’t.” Another curious TLC viewer wanted to know if Mike’s ring was fake but Natalie clarified that too by answering, “unfortunately it was real… and I wish it wasn’t though.” One of Mike’s supporters jumped in calling Natalie “selfish” and that she should have “given it back [because] a proper lady would do so,” but the 90 Day Fiancé star sassily clapped back with, “than [sic] I’m not a proper lady.”

Natalie has so far had a rough season 8 on 90 Day Fiancé. Since her arrival to America, fans have accused her of nagging Mike. But many soon realized that Mike was in the wrong for leading her on, and keeping her in his house for 87 days when he didn’t even love her. Will things change between Mike and Natalie as she returns to his farm a second time after being denied entry into the Seattle hotel? Fans would rather she sleep in an airport lobby instead.

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