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NASA Mars Mission $1 Million Award: NASA CO2 conversion Challenge

NASA Mars Mission Gives you $1 Million

NASA Mars Mission:  Nasa has released a new Mars mission challenge for the public. With this competition, you can reach a significant milestone in anyone’s career.

NASA Mars Mission
NASA Mars Mission

Why Nasa Launched Mars Mission Challenge:

Currently, Nasa has launched a human-crewed mission in which they have to travel to space with just about everything along with them. They simply can’t reach the space without any res. During Apollo missions to the moon, they never attempted to turn anything on the moon’s lunar surface, so it hasn’t been a useful trip for identifying more.

Now, Nasa is planning differently as they are sending humans the old formulas have to change. They are planning to use any available re on the Mars which is known as Red Planet. So, they have launched this Mars Mission challenge with that aspect in mind.

Mars Mission $1 Million  Challenge:

Mars mission challenge is nothing the CO2 Conversion challenge. Here, the challenge asks all the public & scientists and other inventors to come up with a new way to turn CO2 into the molecules which can be used to produce any kind of things.

Their main aim is to change or turn CO2 into the useful re such as glucose. Although this challenge has a whopping price, Some might think that this has been formally and scientifically, but with the NASA’s language, you can directly approach your goal in any way and in any manner. Here all you have to do is bring the final result.

NASA CO2 Conversion Challenge

Registration Details of Mars Million Dollar Challenge:

To register for this million dollar competition any team or individuals who are keen to take part in the competition should register before January 24, 2019. Which means “142 days left” for the final day of registrations.

All the entries projects will be officially reviewed by the NASA’s Experts, and there are going to award up to $250,000 amount across the first five individuals or the teams who participate in this challenge.

Next Phase of Competition:

Although NASA says it is going to announce the set of rules and criteria after the phase 1 but the government space agency is encouraging public by revealing that they are ready to pay rewards up to $750,000 per individual which means the most significant price ever.

But this price amount will be only given to the individual or team who can demonstrate their system and prove that their system is going to work in Red Planet (Mars).

Primary Goal of the Competition:

The ultimate goal of the this Mars million dollar challenge is to turn the carbon dioxide. As the red planet is full of carbon dioxide, the participant’s goal is to change that into the glucose where it will be helpful for all the astronauts who ever visit with minimum supplies.

The ultimate reason for all these challenges is to enable humans to live on the Planet Red.

Finally, if you really think that you’re up for the mars million dollar challenge that helps astronauts to keep alive in the planet red, then it will be your biggest dream because you’re going to get the name and fame.

So, if you think you are up for it don’t waste your time go on and apply for the Mars challenge from the NASA CO2 Conversion Challenge site.

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