NASA Astronauts Offer Thanksgiving Messages on Space Station

A day before Thanksgiving, astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) offered personal messages to those back on the ground. Residents of the space station have also revealed how they will celebrate the special day inside the lab orbiting 250 miles above Earth.

Happy Thanksgiving from the International Space Station! This year, the team hope to celebrate by watching football, sharing a meal together and calling loved ones back home.

The crew shares what they’re most grateful for and what’s on the menu for the big day.

– Johnson Space Center (@NASA_Johnson) November 23, 2020

Four Americans are currently on board the space station, including Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and Michael Hopkins, who arrived aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft a week ago. Kate Rubins, who arrived aboard a Soyuz spacecraft last month, is also part of the current crew of Expedition 64.

In a short video uploaded (above), Rubins said it would be “awesome and special” to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving in space with an international crew including two Russian cosmonauts and a Japanese astronaut.

“We are grateful to be here,” said Rubins, “We are very grateful to everyone who is helping us on the ground and supporting us. I personally am extremely grateful to have these wonderful new teammates… and I’m just grateful that we can all share this moment with you.

Rubins noted that Americans aboard the station will also take the time to speak with family and friends on Earth.

The other three US astronauts followed up with their own messages, while Soichi Noguchi of the Japanese space agency JAXA revealed that he brought some of his own nation’s dishes for the crew’s Thanksgiving meal – from food that you certainly wouldn’t usually associate with the American. holidays (watch the video to find out what it has in store for them). Hopkins confirmed they would enjoy the more traditional dishes as well, albeit spatial versions.

For two of the Expedition 64 crew, this isn’t the first time they’ve spent Thanksgiving aboard the space station, as both Walker and Hopkins have experienced space vacations on missions. previous ones.

The crew of Expedition 64 will spend their Thanksgiving in space, but for @NASA_Astronauts Shannon Walker and Mike Hopkins, it’s their second Thanksgiving aboard the @Space station!

Thanksgiving story on the station:

– Johnson Space Center (@NASA_Johnson) November 24, 2020

This month, NASA and its international partners are also celebrating 20 years of continuous human habitation aboard the International Space Station. Check out this collection of astronaut videos showing how the inhabitants of the orbiting outpost work, rest and play.

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