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Najee Net Worth: Najee is an American musician who has a net worth of $ 4 million. He is best known for being a saxophonist and jazz flautist.

Najee was born in New York, New York in November 1957. He began playing the clarinet at the age of eight and was influenced by legendary American jazz artists. Najee studied at the New England Conservatory. He released his first studio album Najee’s Theme in 1986 and continued to release the albums Day by Day in 1988, Tokyo Blue in 1990, Just an Illusion in 1992, Share My World in 1994, Najee Plays Songs from the Key of Life: A Hommage à Stevie Wonder in 1995, Morning Tenderness in 1998, Embrace in 2003, My Point of View in 2005, Rising Sun in 2007, Mind Over Matter in 2009, The Smooth Side of Soul in 2012, The Morning After, A Musical Love Journey in 2013, You, Me and Forever in 2015, Poetry In Motion in 2017 and Center of the Heart in 2019. Najee has had several first place albums on the best contemporary jazz album chart and won a Grammy Award for Best jazz album.

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