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Nail salons near me: How to obtain the best? Nail salons nearby

Nail salons near me: How to obtain the best?

While looking for a nail salon near me can be frustrating at times for many people.

Here at Tips Clear, we make it simple to discover a nail salon near you.

The next time you get your nails done, select a Healthy Nail Salon.

They use less toxic products, safer practices, and better ventilation, so you can breathe easy knowing they’re healthier for you, their workers, and Earth.

Nail salons nearby

Nail salons near me
Nail salons near me

Now that is beautiful.

Pretty Shouldn’t Stink – Healthy Nail Salons use less hazardous products, safer methods, and better ventilation.

A few years ago, when someone wanted to get a fantastic nail salon, that individual would need to start asking about.

The individual would quiz family and friends about which salons did a fantastic job and why.

Now, finding a nail salon near me has never been more convenient. With the arrival of sites and forums, people are able to browse the internet to find proper commentary.

Still, however, it isn’t so easy to sift through the abundance of information online.

That is why we made this review website. Now all you will need to do is go to a single site when you need to know whether there’s a salon near me.

Nail salons nearby
Nail salons nearby

Our website gives all the facts about places.

There are no embellishments from the customer experiences or glitzy ads to distract you.

You are just going to get a true story about somebody that really visited the salon.

These reviews will help save you time and money as you don’t need to determine you will go to each nail salon near me to get the perfect one.

Nails are a complex business. And they’re the first thing people notice about you when they look at your hands.

That’s why you would like the ideal claws to your job or simply at home.

You do not need people to let you know what miscommunication from the nail salon can cause.

Your claws present a story about how well you take care of yourself.

They give people an insight into your personality and tastes.

So use our website to locate your ideal nail salon.

No more frustrating hours spent quizzing people that don’t really need to discuss their nails.

Here you have a bevy of eager former customers that enjoy discussing their customer experiences.

Nail Tech

In the world we’re living in now, people are judged by their looks, the clothes they wear, the makeup they place in their faces, and most of all, their nail art.

As a matter of fact, nail art has been rising over the last couple of years thanks to social and magazine media filled with mind-blowing pictures of nail designs and colours that vary from understated designs to extravagantly elaborate.

Bearing this in mind, the requirement for nail technicians is rising and if you’re anticipating hiring one, here would be the most significant FAQ you ought to think about.

Nail salons near me
Nail salons near me

What does a nail technician do?

A nail technician performs a broad assortment of services for customers, such as manicure and pedicure, nail repair, foot, and hand massage, applying nail enhancements such as acrylics and gel, and innovative nail artistry like nail jewelry and polish design.

A nail technician uses different equipment to buff, shape, and airbrush nails and understands the security in addition to sterilization procedures.

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What defines a fantastic nail technician?

Nail technicians do not require any particular qualifications.

However, if you would like to employ a nail technician that won’t disappoint you, start looking for somebody who’s experienced in nail beauty or therapy solutions.

You can too hire somebody who has taken a class in nail therapy in a local college, as they’ll be skilled to offer exceptional nail solutions and have a thorough comprehension of nail care and how to take care of safety and sterilization.

Are there any must-have nail technician supplies?

Yes. It goes without saying that the nail technician involves training and talent.

However, we can’t dismiss the value of quality supplies. If the supplies fall short, the result is very likely to disappoint as well as the best way to differentiate the best nail technician is to recognize must-have supplies.

They include quality nail kit, cuticle exfoliator, reusable nail forms, diamond nail file, a sable brush, towelettes, toe separators, cuticle oil, pedicure foot file and nail cleaner amongst others.

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Do nail technicians take a license?

A very common question many people ask is if nail technicians need licensing. Well, the answer to this question is yes and no depending on where the nail technicians provide their services.

In certain countries, nail technicians should get a permit for them to work in a salon, spa, or if establishing their own companies. In certain states, licensure isn’t mandatory, particularly when offering your services in personal events like photoshoots and weddings amongst others.

Can nail technicians come to my residence?

Nail technicians are professionals who appreciate their work. They have the flexibility and can travel miles merely to answer a house call to their clientele.

Consequently, if you would like to modify the appearance of your nails to make your friends jealous or to try something else but you are on a tight schedule, do not panic as nail technicians will find you where you are.

As a guideline, communicate with them ahead on matters compensation based on how long they’ll be supplying their services.

What can I expect from my service provider?

Nail technicians are professionals; they consult with you before the service to understand your goals and preferences and can make recommendations when needed.

This way, they tell you what to expect and determine whether you have particular concerns.

What is the connection between a nail technician and health and safety?
Nail technology isn’t all about creating the client’s nail look great; it’s also about preserving nail health.

Nail technicians, therefore, has to be observant and understand safety and health standards, guidelines and techniques.

They have to differentiate normal from abnormal nails and know how to protect against the possibility of passing on diseases among customers.

Besides being sterile, nail technicians should know different disorders and germs that affect nails to lessen the odds of spreading these issues to themselves or others.

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Healthy Nail Salons

The next nail salons are known as Healthy Nail Salons from the San Francisco Department of the Environment. Search for the Healthy Nail Salon decal in the window of your salon. Because pretty should not stink.

Bayview/Hunters Point

Oliviana Nail Spa, 4343 3rd St Unit A (near Kirkwood Ave), 415.529.1023

Bernal Heights

New York Nails, 3483 Mission St (and Cortland Ave), 415.285.8679


Castro Nail Salon, 431 Castro St (near Market St), 415.252.1657

Cole Valley

Lavande Nail Spa, 113 Carl St (near Cole St), 415.566.5333

Cow Hollow

Bamboo Spa, 2284 Union St (close Steiner St), 415.567.8812
Boniva Nail Spa, 1929 Lombard St (near Buchanan St), 415.829.2188
Lombard Heights Nails Salon, 3288 Steiner (close Lombard), 415.776.9688
Nails 2001, 2213 Union St (near Fillmore St), 415.775.5838

Duboce Triangle

Market Nail Spa, 2057 Market St (near 14th St), .415.252.7052

Financial District

Lucky Nails, 55A Sutter St (near Market St), 415.981.5321

Hayes Valley

LUX SF, 490 Hayes St (near Octavia St), 415.255.4589
Pampered Girl, 225 Gough St (near Oak St), 415.431.4475


Sol Y Luna Spa, 691 Monterey Blvd (and Tennessee St), 415.469.7323

Inner Richmond

Aqua Spa, 14 Clement St (and Arguello Blvd), ‎415.666.3273
California Salon, 4350 California St (at 6th St), 415.752.1628
Polish Nail & Beauty Spa, 301 Cornwall (and 4th St), 415.780.1912
Salon Belle Linda, 4448 California St (and 7th Ave), 415.752.7958
Spectrum Nails Spa, 4438 California St (near 7th St), 415.483.5028
T&T Nail Salon, 405 Arguello Blvd (and Clement St), 415.750.0287

Inner Sunset

Nail Arts, 1116 Irving St (and 12th Ave), 415.664.5728
Sensi Luxury Nails & Spa, 338 Judah St (near 9th Ave), 415.665.6245


Trio Nails, 1832 Buchanan St (and Bush St), 415.931.9261

Laurel Heights

Presidio Heights Salon, 3470 Sacramento St (near Laurel St), 415.346.2086
Rendez-Vous Nails, 3247 Sacramento St (near Presidio Ave), 415.474.2205

Lower Haight

Silky Touch, 544 Haight St (near Fillmore St), 415.255.8527
Zen Day Spa, 775 Haight St (near Scott St), 415.558.8886

Lower Pacific Heights

Artistic Nail & Spa, 1826 Divisadero St (and Bush St), 415.572.2754
Velvety Nails And Beauty Spa, 2183 Sutter St (near Pierce St), 415.345.1688


Ciao Bella, 2277 Chestnut St (near Scott St), 415.771.6666

Mission District (24th)

Sophia’s Beauty Lounge, 3420 Cesar Chavez St (near Mission St), 415.285.9777
Spectrum Nail Spa, 28 Guerrero St (at Duboce Ave), 415.431.6245

Nob Hill

Finest Nails, 1128 Polk St (near Sutter St), 415.359.1681
Green Beauty Nails & Spa, 1300 Pacific Ave (near Leavenworth St), 415.370.3662
Kitty’s Nails, 1436 California St (near Hyde St), 415.775.1286
Recharge Medical And Day Spa, 1456 California St (near Hyde St), 415.409.3456
Perfection Nails Spa, 1044 Hyde St. (Near California St.), 415.923.9888

Noe Valley

Mani-Pedi Beauty Spa, 4106 24th St (near Castro St), 415.285.1339

North of Panhandle

Eve Nails & Spa, 1780 Fulton St (near Masonic Ave), 415.674.9952
MAC Nail Spa, 783 Divisidero St (near Fulton St.), 415.567.0162
Q Spa, 604 Divisadero St (at Hayes St), 415.885.1272

Outer Richmond

Aquatica Nails, 5707 Geary Blvd (near 21st St), 415.422.0448
Fabulous Nail Spa, 2099 Clement St (and 22nd Ave), 415.240.6962
Glitz N Glam Nail & Lash Spa, 5847 Geary Blvd (near 23rd), 415.702.6485
Richmond Nails Salon, 5856 Geary Blvd (at 23rd Ave), 415.876.3888

Potrero Hill

La Petite Nail Shop, 601 Kansas St (and 18th St), 415.796.2863
Tiptoes Nail Spa, 300 De Haro St. #336 (near 16th St), 415.626.8637

Russian Hill

Cascade Nail & Spa, 2139 Polk St. (near Vallejo St.) 415.345.9188
iLounge Beauty Bar, 2356 Van Ness Ave (near Green St.), 415.346.1285

South Beach

Zaza Nails, 543 2nd St (near Bryant St), 415.495.6292

South of Market

Cocoon Urban Day Spa, 330 1st St (near Folsom St), 415.777.0100
The Nail Hall, 1401 Mission St. (near 10th St), 415.500.2243

Union Square

Ten Zen Nail Spa, 207 Powell St (near O’Farrell St), 415.306.8868

Upper Haight

Haight Street Nails, 1784 Haight St (and Shrader St), 415.221.8928

West Portal

Mia’s Beauty Spa, 602 Portola Dr (near Woodside Ave), 415.661.4772
West Portal Spa, 124 West Portal Ave. (close Vicente St.), 415.566.6172
Zen Beauty Spa, 221 W Portal Ave (near 14th Ave), 415.661.6852

Additional Res

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Locate a Healthy Nail Salon out of San Francisco

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