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Nail piercing: everything you need to know

Nail piercing: everything you need to know

Their jewel manicure is one of the nail art more fun and sparkling. Usually, the protagonists are the glitter to be glued on the surface. But have you ever thought about attacking a charm, a pendant, or a ring, as if it were a nail piercing?

An evolution that does not just place the decoration above the nail, but crosses the distal margin (the white area that grows beyond the fingertip) from side to side, through a small hole, totally painless.

Nail piercing
Nail piercing

Nail piercings are to be tried on nail salon, but also as a DIY manicure at home, using caution, and following these steps.

To be able to correctly drill the white part outside the fingertips, without damaging or breaking it, it is essential to start from astrong nail. Apply daily for at least two weeks a reinforcing enamel that gives strength to the entire nail body.

There is a special tool for creating nail piercings: the piercing drill. Don’t be frightened by the name: it is simply a small precision instrument with a thin tip which, rotated on itself, will perform the hole the nail.

The ideal position for the nail piercing is lateral, and to drill the hole it is advisable to do so from under the nail, then gently filing the circumference on the surface.

It is now appropriate to apply a base coat and a clear or colored nail polish, paying attention to clean the hole immediately.

The choice of jewelry to be inserted is vast: It ranges from small rings with light points, to single or double circles, up to real charm that expresses the personality of the wearer. Such as pendants in the shape of a cross, heart and many other symbols. There is no limit to creativity in terms of nail design.

Nail Piercing – A Fashionable New Twist to Your Personality

If you are someone who is considering a new and exciting way to explore your sexuality or simply don’t feel comfortable with your current partner, then a nail piercing could be just the thing. Piercing has always been an interesting thing for women, but with the current increase in fashion, nail piercing is now also a form of fashion. So if you want to see yourself in a new and different way, try out the new and trendy.

Nail piercing can take many forms. You can get a tongue piercing, a nose piercing, an ear-piercing, or even a breast piercing. All these piercings can be quite dramatic and so can be achieved by various techniques.

Since different piercings require different methods of piercing, it is best to consider the factors such as your desired location, your body type, and the various skin types that you have. This will help you determine the best form of piercing for you.

Nail piercing is a great choice for those people who are looking for a way to show off their favorite celebrity. It is also a fantastic way to show off your own taste in jewelry.

The piercings that you can get can also be very visible. This is great if you want to show off your piercing, but would like to keep your skin hidden. Many women choose a tongue piercing or a nipple piercing because they do not want to be too noticeable.

Often, a nail piercing is a common place for a woman to get an additional nipple pierced. It is considered a good practice to avoid having more than one piercing done in the same place. However, if a piercing is already required, it is advised to get another piercing, such as a nipple piercing, for extra confidence.

Nail piercing is usually done on the pubic bone ornear the pubic hair. In certain regions, it is common to also have a piercing under the arm, below the rib cage, and sometimes in the earlobe as well.

Nail piercing can be a beautiful addition to your look, and your body. All you need to do is be willing to get some sort of an eye-catching piercing.

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