Today I am taking you to Bulgaria for Super cold and Nadezhda and Victor’s wedding. This beautiful couple organized a grand outdoor event with 165 people from their closest and dearest. They made a complete plan in just 5 months, which shows how much can be achieved when you really set your mind, it doesn’t take years to plan a wedding! After their ceremony, they held a grand outdoor reception with long tables and festive lighting and then started until 5 in the morning. They had rain, which can only bring good luck on your wedding day and with all the fun and laughter. A wonderful wedding, so cold and so much fun, all captured by Petar Bego Photography.

We called it ‘Shaadi’, but it was a wonderful party to which our son was invited. We called him “The Ring Bearer”

Nadezhda and Victor were married on 13 July 2019 in ‘Lago Passarell’, next to the city of Pasarel, Bulgaria. ‘We always know that we want to have an outdoor wedding, but not in our normal wedding venue or restaurant. Sadly, there are not many options for this close to Sophia. The first time we went to Lago Passarell was in March. The place was very muddy and the whole view… Come is far from what you can see from the photos. A few weeks later there were fifty shades of GREEN and we thought – this is a great party spot! We had 165 guests and it took about 5 months to plan. ‘

how did they meet
We met through some friends. Today, marriage has been more than just one year, parents for 4 years, 9 years together!

Victor proposed to me in December 2018 when we went on a trip to Bali with our (then) 1-year-old son. It was that one night our friends offered to stay with him and our baby, so we could go out to dinner. The whole thing was a big surprise for me, because we talked about getting married at some point, but decided that it might wait a few years. I think it can’t ..

How did you allocate your budget?
Victor is a producer in advertising, so he has made hundreds of budgets. We jokingly said that we would look at the wedding budget as if there was an advertisement. That’s exactly what we did. We also thought about things we didn’t want to compromise (location and lighting) and started building costs from there.

Where did you splash and where did you survive?
Due to the large number of guests, food and drink were our biggest expenses and this was more than we initially planned. Luckily, it was worth it as everyone enjoyed the dishes we chose. Costumes, cakes and flowers were on a low budget. I wasn’t a fan of the idea of ​​buying a ridiculously expensive outfit that I would once wear.

How did you choose your photographer?
I came across Petar Begov’s work by randomly browsing through the NEA flower account on Instagram. Petar and Zheni had done multiple shoots together and they were all very similar to what I thought our wedding would look like.

The dress
I found the dress on Pinterest. My only image was on the back of the dress, so Teddy, the woman who sewed it for me and I decided on the front together. He recommended me to a friend and did an amazing job! The shoes were white Contras sneakers and my only accessory was the pair of small diamond earrings that I gave to my parents a few years ago after giving birth to my son.

Suits & Bridesmaids
Victor and I saw one or two suits, however, we ended up in Scotch and Soda and there we found The One. I didn’t have bridesmaids, so everyone was free to wear whatever they wanted. The instructions we gave in the wedding invitations were for the people only for their dancing shoes.

Theme or Color Scheme?
I never really thought about a particular color scheme. The only idea I had was to avoid colors that would match with the surrounding green, but at the same time there would be tones that would accompany the forest. We finished with some white / baby pink flowers, graphite and beige table cloths and light candles.

Flowers were the things I least worried about, because Jhini is an amazing professional and we immediately ‘clicked’. I showed him hundreds of pictures of flower arrangements that were all great, but very different from each other. Despite my chaotic references, she ended up making the final call for the most part.

We had some green wire and small flowers on the tables with candles and table cloths. There was a large wooden chap for the ceremony, which I made myself and was beautifully decorated by Jenny; Some candles were floating in the lake next to the party and after sunset we had bulb wires above the table arrangement.

We had a welcome drink that included champagne with dry ice and small bites – humus with quail eggs; Dehydrated apple chips, cheese truffle cut with pine nuts; For dinner – meals were arranged at the couple’s long buffet table. We had green salads with sun dried tomatoes and Parmesan in small bowls that came with ampoule of dressing; A large ‘chess board’ of white cheese and black olive paste; Roasted Peppers with Tomatoes; Fish hive; Mini beef burger; Ribs; Chicken breasts with white wine, sun-dried tomatoes and celery.

wedding cake
The wedding cake was the so-called ‘naked cake’, which was very simple, garnished with seasonal fruits.

We were very entertained in the summer rain of around 3:00. Everyone was dancing after taking off their shoes. Also – DJ was ‘on duty’ till around 5:00 in the morning.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We want Naples, Italy for a week full of wine and food.

Personal touch
We originally planned the entire wedding ourselves. From seating charts with small colored pins to ordering 40+ table sheets from H&M, doing laundry, ironing, looking for candles.

special moments
The best man speech was one of the highlights of the evening. Extremely funny, but also heartbreaking. Then we had our first dance (Elvis Presley – “Only Fools Rush In”). About an hour later we molested during the maid of honor speech. He introduced my dad, whom I danced with The Beatles – “Hey Jude”.

Advice for other couples
I would only advise other couples to enjoy wedding planning and enjoy the day as much as possible. Planning such a big event is hard, but it can be very fun and should not cause a nervous break-down because “there is so much to do” or “everything is so expensive”. I would have made a different decision if I had to revisit the whole thing, but I remember that my closest friends were with me today, the tone of laughter and dance.

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I am a wedding photographer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. As an artist I always look for inspiration, for a challenge, to explore new emotions and horizons. Wedding photography combines different styles of photography but it is first and the art of storytelling. Capturing the moment is important but capturing the emotion and vibration that makes the moment special, I am after that. My goal is to have fun and enjoy the day. I like the slightly vintage, nostalgic, analog photography look with some modern artistic tones and instant photography colors.

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