Tuesday , July 14 2020

My favorite phone


My favorite phone

iPhone 5Gone are the days when everybody use to go to market for all their shopping requirements. In this modern era, smart phone has made our work easy and hassle free. It has not only saved our energy, but also gives us liberty to access many apps which are very useful in our daily life.

My dream was to always own a new I-phone which has become status symbol now a days. I-phone is always the youngster’s first choice. Its very first appearance made my heart skip a beat as it has all those curves and edges which fits in my choice of phone. The size of my I-phone 5s exactly fits in my hand and no wonder it looks so classy and trendy.

On the contrary when I first loose my heart on its shape, eventually I came to know its wonderful and amazing features which soon drove me crazy for it. It helps me from the early sun rise till late sun set. I get up from my sleep with the wonderful alarm voice that I set to start of with enthusiastic morning. It helps me in keeping record of my fitness diet. It stores daily data of my nutritional diet and keep an eye on my workouts as well. It records my BMI, Body temperature, Blood pressure, heart rate and intake of nutritional food which I consume whole day long.

iPhone 5With my smart phone in my hand, I feel like having doctor by my side always. Its one of the wonderful feature of my I-phone5c which makes me feels closer to it with every passing day. It’s like getting my favorite ice cream as a treat of my whole life’s hard work.

One of the astounding features of my I-phone is that it needs little attention, I just charge it once a day and it works whole day for me. The USB of my smart phone is that it helped me live my passion. Being an ardent reader and writer, it helps me store enough books in its I-book section that are always available for me to read while travelling or during my free time. Moreover, its newsstand is like a news-stand which helps me to read all the daily news without buying newspaper from the vendor.

Useful apps like docs and dictionary further facilitate my writing passion. It made me write anything and everything at any time and at any place Irrespective of where I am.  Now I can scribble my ideas whenever I want. It doesn’t let me miss any of the creative ideas which ooze out of my mind at odd hours. Dictionary helps me find the meaning of those selected words which randomly comes to my mind.

iPhone 5For my recreation it offers me numerous game like candy crush saga which undoubtedly steal away my boring hours and fill me up with new energy  and nevertheless  refresh my life and mind. It keeps me busy whole day long with its interesting games and help me stay connected with my friends and relatives through social sites. I am thankful to this wonderful i-phone5c which brought completeness into my life.

Apart from taking care of my health and writing skills it also helps capture treasures of my happy moments. The picture quality of the camera helps me to shoot ample selfies and pics of my relatives and friends. To sum-up my life would not have been what it is: if i-phone5c would not have entered my life two years back.

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  1. I love iPhone too (in fact, all apple products)…i have 5S

    Nice reading your story!

  2. Yet to join the Apple brigade! Looking at this article I might be changin to IOS soon!

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