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Museum day: initiatives to see online

Museum day: initiatives to see online

This will be special International Museum Day. The date is the same as always, May 18: ICOM has been there since 1977 International Council of Museums celebrate the world of museums, with free openings and events. This year, however, everything is different. International Museum Day # IMD2020 will not be the usual party, but the opportunity to reiterate – only in digital form – the importance of museums in our lives.

Serious theme that put on the agenda for # IMD2020 COVID-19:Museums for Equality: diversity and Inclusion“. Can museums really do something concrete for our society? How do they promote inclusion and diversity? ICOM has its say on social media and does so with commendable decision. Try to follow the IG account: it is far from boring and swampy. There are positions taken in favor of the diversity, like these posts:

Museum day: initiatives to see online
Museum day: initiatives to see online

With the indication # museum4equality, ICOM then also relaunched the digital project of @M_O_T_H_A for a Museum of Trans Hitstory & Art, remembering what museums can do in enhancing different points of view in their exhibitions. The association calls on all museums in the world to act against all forms of cultural racism to change, thanks also to projects dedicated to younger visitors, the narration of reality:

Suggestive the work done on Instagram on women in art (you can find it by following #WomeninMuseums)

There Covid-edition unfortunately, it will not allow many initiatives and the major museums (the Americans in particular) have already declared that they will relaunch the themes of the day only on social media, therefore those related to diversity and inclusion, starting from their collections.

In Italy we pay the price of the fact that # IMD2020 falls on Monday, the day of traditional museum closure. However, it will not be a Monday like any other: the 18th is in fact the eve of the official opening of some Italian museum sites. We intend physical opening, as announced by the Dpcm and also confirmed by the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini. How? We would like to tell you something more, but for now there are few certainties: Florence appears very warm (not to mention cold) on reopening, Venice it is deserted and dazed.

They move better Rome is Milan. In the capital, admissions (no more than 100 people per hour) to the Capitoline Museums and the Markets of Trajan and the Ara Pacis will be limited. In Milan there is a plan for “calmed opening“: We start with some civic museums (including the Sforzesco Castle and the Gallery of Modern Art, which he has collected so much for his intelligent work on Instagram), to follow the others, with the Royal Palace to open last (we can to review George de La Tour only at the end of the month).

In Milan, moreover, at Galleries of Italy, Intesa San Paolo museum site, you are in the company of Three Graces of Canova, of Dancer by Thorvaldsen and then again by Love and Psyche, of So what and all the other wonderful creatures chiseled in pure marble (160 total works) set up in Canova / Thorvaldsen The birth of modern sculpture, the “exhibition of wonders” (super instagram) hosted in the Milanese museum before lockdown (by the way: it will reopen its doors to the public from June 2, for another month). From May 18, on the institution’s website www.gallerieditalia.com, in fact, a virtual and immersive tour on display: in harmony with the theme of the International Museum Day and to underline the inclusive value of art, the tour will also have insights into sign language.

The Graces of Antonio Canova


Canova / Thorvaldsen The birth of modern sculpture


Parma – Italian Capital of Culture 2020 – keeps the flag on # IDM2020 high and plans for May 18 (allre 17, live streaming on parma2020.it) a conference debate on the topic “Culture for all, culture for all“.

And then there is to keep an eye on Mart of Trento and Rovereto (a museum nestled in the foothills of the Alps, with a splendid twentieth-century collection http://www.mart.tn.it/lecollezioni) because it announced a “top secret surprise”For May 18 on Google‘s artsandculture platform.

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