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Murphy Lee is an American rapper who has had a successful career in the music industry. His net worth, as of 2020, has been calculated to be around $5 million dollars. Murphy has gained his income through his successful albums and singles, live performances, as well as through various brand partnerships and endorsements. Murphy’s popularity continues to grow year on year, further boosting his net worth.

Murphy’s most popular single “Shake Ya Tailfeather” was certified double platinum and is considered one of Murphy’s career defining moments. Murphy Lee continues to build upon his net worth with an ever growing fan base of supporters from around the world.

What’s Murphy Lee’s net worth?

Murphy Lee, an American rapper, has a net worth $1.5 million. Murphy Lee is most well-known for his work with Nelly, P Diddy, and Jermaine dupri.

The Lunatics struggled to get a record deal, until Nelly signed them as a solo act. Lee was a featured performer on Nelly’s 2000 album, “Country Grammar”, before the St. Lunatic’s 2001 debut album “Free City” was published. Murphy’s solo album, “Murphy’s Law”, was released in 2003. The album was certified platinum, and it reached #8 on Billboard’s 200 chart. The Billboard Hot Rap chart’s #6 single was his biggest solo hit, “Wat Da Hook Gon Be”, which featured Jermaine dupri. Lee also released material that was only accessible on his website between 2006 and 2009. Murphy was awarded a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Group in 2004 for “Shake Ya Tailfeather”, which he performed with Nelly and P. Diddy. Both Tailfeather (Nelly with Lee Ali, Kyjuan, and Ali) reached #1 on the Rap charts. Lee is the CEO and founder of UCME Entertainment, his record label. His 2009 album “You See Me”, was made available through his website.

Early Life

Murphy Lee, Torhi Harper was born in St. Louis on December 18, 1983. His single mother raised him in the University City area of St. Louis. He was raised in the same neighborhood as his siblings and attended University City High School. He loved hip-hop and rap music since a young age. He began rapping in school with his friends. Nelly and City Spud were among his childhood friends.


Lee, Slo Down and his friends Ali, City Spud and Slo Down formed the hip-hop collective St. Lunatics. Lee’s brother Kyjuan is also a member of the group. The group’s first hit local was “Gimme What U Got”, which was released in 1996. In 2000, the group was signed by Universal Records. The group’s debut album, “Free City,” was released in 2000. It was inspired by City Spud’s recent robbery conviction. It was a commercial success, and the album was certified Platinum in America and Gold in Canada.

Lee was also working on his solo music. In 2003, he released “Murphy’s Law,” his solo album. In October, the album reached number 8 on Billboard 200’s music charts. It was later certified gold in the United States. It included a single called “Shake Your Tailfeather” which featured Nelly as well as P. Diddy. It was featured on the soundtrack to the movie “Bad Boys II”, and won a Grammy Award. Later, he started his own label, UC ME Entertainment.

Lee started working again with St. Lunatics in 2009 and was said to be working on “City Free” a new album. The album was never released, but two songs, “St. Lunatics”, and “Get Low 2 Da Flo”, were released that year. The album also contained two singles: “Money Talks”, and “Polo”.

Lee is also the founder of Good For You Cafe, St. Louis. The cafe is a popular spot for vegetarian food, and a variety of other dishes. Lee opened a second restaurant after the success of the first.

Lee continues to run UC ME Entertainment, his record label. Lee releases new music and has signed many other artists to the label. Da Camp, Zee and Potzee were just a few of the artists that he signed to the label. He collaborated with Jay-E to create a 2015 album that featured the singles “Vibes”, and “B.M.W.”

Personal life

Lee has kept his private life secret. Seviin Li, a fellow singer and performer is his wife. They have a daughter, Essence Lee.

Lee announced in 2018 that he would be moving from St. Louis, Missouri to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue more film and television work. Kyjuan, his brother, was with him as he moved down south.

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