MT Metatron: You can get a complimentary skin analysis

MT Metatron: How well do you know your skin needs? Spending the blind on various products can help, but is a faster and more efficient journey to search.

To effectively care for and manage your skin condition, one of the best techniques is skin analysis. Not only can it determine the current state of your skin, but it can also highlight issues you may not have known before.

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So consider all the answers you need from MT Metatron. The award-winning, cult-favorite Japanese skincare brand, which has a proven track record of success in more than 5,000 clinics and beauty salons in Japan, has reached our shores.

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MT Metatron

During the consultation, your beauty consultant will evaluate your skin needs with skin analyzer Estelle. The device uses polarized light to analyze hydration levels, pigmentation and skin type, firmness, and texture. It also identifies spots, wrinkles, and pores and the balance of water and oil. UV photography is also used to assess sun damage and analysis, while UV fluorescence imaging detects your skin type.

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Using the 3D results of this sophisticated skin analysis, it will quickly troubleshoot and address your skin’s specific needs so that you can improve your beauty routine. With consulting history, you can keep track of your before and after journey using MT Metatron products for a healthier, more radiant complexion.

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Safe for use on all skin types, including sensitive skin, MT Metatron’s impressive offerings are available at its flagship beauty counter, Estin Scots.

Visit the counter today and sign up for a subscription to MT Metatron to get the best-selling MT Protect UV gel in travel size. While the stock is final, the terms and conditions apply.

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