Mr. Robot: Each Main Character’s First & Last Line

The best stories feature powerful character development, which is one of the many strengths of the television series Mr. Robot. Those who stuck with the show from beginning to end were treated to an emotionally satisfying conclusion that honored the main characters’ development.

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Examining the main characters’ first and last lines in the series is a particularly rewarding way of exploring how the characters grew over the course of the show’s 4 seasons. With the series finale primarily taking place in the fantasy world that the mastermind Elliot Alderson created for the real Elliot, some of the show’s characters have different last lines in reality versus their last lines in the fantasy world.

10 Irving

Bobby Cannavale as Irving in Mr. Robot Season 3

“I’ll take chocolate, please.” – “Take it easy, Dom.”

When the audience meets Irving for the first time in the season 3 premiere, he tries to order a free milkshake that he just earned through a rewards card. When he’s told that he can’t get the free milkshake until his next visit to the restaurant, he begins asking a series of rapid-fire questions about what qualifies as a future visit. It is the perfect introduction to the perceptive, quirky, and resourceful used car salesman and aspiring novelist who works for the Dark Army.

The audience sees the fan-favorite character be manipulative and ruthless in service of the Dark Army, but his final appearance is humorous and provides some relieving closure for Dom. He is last seen promoting his recently published novel Beach Towel at an airport bookstore when he sees Dom and insists that Dom and Darlene can move on as the Dark Army is no longer concerned about them.

9 Joanna Wellick

“Where are you going?” – “No, no, no, no, no.”

Much like her husband, Tyrell, Joanna is an ambitious character who craves power and control. In her first scene, she asks where Tyrell is headed as she wants to know what he’s doing and if it is going to help them achieve greater influence as a couple and over the world around them.

Her final scene shows a loss of control as Derek–her former lover who feels infuriated and betrayed after Joanna’s lies and manipulations–shoots her bodyguard and then points his gun toward her. Joanna scrambles for a gun and mutters “no” under her breath, desperate to protect herself and her baby, but she is too late as Derek shoots her in the head and kills her.

8 Dominique “Dom” DiPierro

“Ahem. Ah, you know, usual, coffee, black, turkey sandwich on whole wheat, lettuce, mayo, muenster cheese.” – “Uh…no, I’m good.” – “Hey! Hey!”

When fans hear Dom speak for the first time, she comes across as a friendly and authentic person, the type of individual who makes conversation with the people who work at a convenience store and genuinely cares about what they have to say. In a story filled with conniving characters and misleading facades, Dom is one of the few who is simply a good, moral person, although the audience certainly sees some of her personal struggles and inner demons as the series progresses.

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Her last words in reality are when she is on the plane to Budapest and anxiously looking around for Darlene. When the flight attendant asks if Dom is okay, she hesitantly says she is good. When the episode ends with her asleep on the plane, finally getting the rest she has been unable to get for so long, Dom’s words ring true. Even though Darlene isn’t going to Budapest with her, Dom is going to be okay. Dom’s last appearance in Mr. Robot is within the world created for the real Elliot where she is a cop who chases after the mastermind Elliot and pushes him closer to the truth that he must confront.

7 Tyrell Wellick

“Oh, hi. Tyrell Wellick. I’m Senior Vice President, Technology.” – “I’m just gonna go for a walk.” – “I just wanna know that you’re on my side.”

Tyrell’s first interaction is with Elliot, depicting Tyrell as confident and Elliot as awkward and uncomfortable. This dynamic between Elliot and Tyrell shifts dramatically as the show progresses. Tyrell practically worships Elliot at certain points and views working with him as if they are gods bending the universe to their will. Beneath his confident appearance, Tyrell is deeply uncomfortable with himself. He wants to be like Elliot and craves Elliot’s approval and partnership.

These aspects of his character are perfectly embodied in the final lines he shares in the world created for the real Elliot. His last words before he dies are more mundane but are part of him letting go of his ambitions and making peace with the surreal ending to his life.

6 Phillip Price

“Tyrell, I’m gonna have to reschedule this.” – “You just ran out of time.” – “It’s gonna take you forever to get to Coney Island.”

Price’s first line demonstrates his dismissive nature. His arrogance and his belief that he is the second most powerful person in the world make him arrogant and conceited. After the brutal murder of his daughter Angela and all the other suffering that Whiterose forces him to endure throughout the series, Price reevaluates his priorities in life and becomes a surprising and invaluable ally to Elliot and Darlene.

Before his death, Price delivers the ultimate jab and gets in the last word, rubbing salt into the wound of Whiterose’s obsession with time and the devastating blow she and the Deus Group have taken after the Cyprus National Bank hack. Price revels in finally doing the right thing, following in the footsteps of his brave daughter who he couldn’t save, and making Whiterose pay the ultimate price for her years of manipulation and torment. Meanwhile, Price’s last words in the show are in the world created for the real Elliot, pushing the mastermind Elliot toward facing the truth.

5 Whiterose

“Are you just going to stand there or do you want to hand me those drives?” – “You get to decide.”

Whiterose makes it clear in her introduction that she is a no-nonsense individual who is obsessed with time. She refuses to waste a single second and strictly adheres to the time that she allocates for each task.

After decades of manipulating the world around her and trying to manipulate time itself, Whiterose relinquishes control in her final moments. Before committing suicide, she puts the onus on Elliot, forcing him to decide what will happen to Whiterose’s machine and the Washington Township nuclear power plant.

4 Angela Moss

“All of the price–I can–Yeah, I can totally–I can totally handle it.” – “I’m not gonna run. So you should probably leave.” – “You’re not Elliot. You’re the mastermind.” – “Something is going on with you, Elliot. You have not been the same the past couple of months.”

From the first moment that the audience sees Angela conversing with her boss Gideon Goddard, it is clear that she is professional, ambitious, and a perfectionist who doesn’t fully believe in herself. It is worth noting that she uses the word “price” in her first line as Phillip Price is eventually revealed to be her father.

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Angela’s last line before she dies conveys her incredible character growth as it exudes the confidence and belief in herself that she lacked for so long. Even though she knows Whiterose and the Dark Army are going to have her killed, she refuses to run or relent and sticks by her principles until the very end. Her blunt last words in the world created for the real Elliot forces the mastermind Elliot to confront the truth. Her last words in the series are from a season 1 flashback, showing that Angela was one of the first to recognize the significant shift in Elliot’s personality.

3 Darlene Alderson

“Okay, cut the bulls***. When are you going to give us access to the root directory?” – “Hello, Elliot.”

Darlene’s first line is in response to Elliot asking where her boss–Mr. Robot–is. Once the audience learns that she is Elliot’s sister and that Elliot and Mr. Robot are the same person, Darlene’s jaded, blunt response makes a lot more sense.

Darlene’s last line is more meaningful and is actually the final line of the entire series. The series started with the mastermind Elliot saying, “Hello, friend” to the audience and it ends with Darelene saying, “Hello, Elliot” after the real Elliot has finally returned to reality. These words bring the story full-circle and provide a hopeful, optimistic, and meaningful ending with Darlene and the real Elliot finally able to move forward.

2 Mr. Robot

“Hey! Hey, you. Hey, kiddo. What’s happening? Exciting time in the world right now. Exciting time.” – “We’ll always be part of him, kiddo.”

Mr. Robot is first seen stretching out on the bench of a New York City subway and calling out to Elliot. He seems a bit eccentric, but the audience has no inkling yet that Mr. Robot is actually a part of Elliot.

In the final moments of the series finale, as Mr. Robot and the mastermind Elliot prepare to give up their control so the real Elliot can permanently return to reality, Mr. Robot assures the mastermind that they will always be a part of the real Elliot and what they did matter in the end.

1 Elliot Alderson/The Mastermind

“Hello, friend.” – “This only works if you let go too.”

In the beginning, Elliot’s first line creates a connection with an audience, establishing that much of the series will feature inner narration and Elliot speaking directly to the audience. The line takes on increasing significance as the series continues to unfold.

Everything comes full-circle with his final line. In order to let the real Elliot retake full control, the mastermind Elliot needs to relinquish the control he’s had for almost the entire show. This last line emphasizes that both the mastermind Elliot and the audience have to say farewell and move on so the real Elliot can return.

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