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Moving Past a Driving Under Influence

Moving Past a Driving Under Influence

Driving Under Influence: Driving under the influence is dangerous, illegal and potentially deadly. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you are likely feeling a wide range of emotions. Including anger, denial, sadness, and guilt. This is a serious offense, but it does not need to keep you from living a happy, successful life! Move past this bump in the road more quickly by keeping this advice in mind.

Driving Under Influence
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Adhere to All Requirements

When you’re in a hole, you certainly don’t want to keep digging! You might not be able to change your DUI, but you can work hard to avoid any further charges. This means that you need to carefully understand all requirements. That the court has set in place for you going forward so you can follow them. Whether you’re required to use an ignition interlock device installed by the local Low Cost Interlock or you’re not allowed to be behind the wheel for a certain time period, don’t try to cheat the system. Instead, focus on sticking with the program so you can continue to move forward.


Change Your Internal Dialogue

True change doesn’t start with your actions. Instead, it starts in your mind. Unhealthy thought patterns might tempt you to drink to excess again. So now is the perfect time to change how you talk to yourself and think about yourself. Sure, you made a mistake, but no one is perfect. Instead of focusing on what went wrong, start looking forward to the future.


Some people find it helpful to start a gratitude journal. Where they write down things that they are thankful for each day. Others make positive changes by involve in a support group or place of worship. Self-help isn’t just a popular buzzword these days. Instead, it’s a real strategy that you can use to change your thoughts and change your life.


Set Yourself Up for Success

Getting a driving under the influence charge doesn’t happen by accident. And having a successful life after won’t happen by accident either. This is actually very good news for you because it means that you can control what happens to you next. Don’t just sit around waiting for life to start getting easier. Instead, start thinking about what you can do to set yourself up for success.

Driving Under Influence

If your finances are in bad shape because of the fines and attorney fees you’ve had to pay, make a budget, and stick with a repayment plan. This might mean doing odd jobs or taking extra shifts at work temporarily. But it’s worth it to see your debt getting smaller and smaller.


It’s also vital to keep yourself out of the types of situations that got you in trouble. You don’t have to turn to alcohol for stress relief after a bad day. You can choose to relieve your stress by having dinner with friends, going for a run, or losing yourself in a good book. Whether you are changing your spending, the amount you drink, or how you spend your evenings. It takes some time for new habits to form. Give yourself some grace, but don’t give up while you keep working toward your goals.

Your life doesn’t have to be defined by one mistake that you made. Instead, you have the power to make positive changes that will set you on the road to success.

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