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Moving into a New Apartment Suddenly: How to Make it Liveable ASAP

If you are finding yourself wrapping plates in newspaper and asking for cardboard boxes from the supermarket, chances are you’re in the midst of moving out. Moving into a new space can be exciting, but once you’re there, you’re likely standing in a sea of boxes, wondering what to tackle first. Do you want to sit first or sleep? Dress or eat? Do you open a random box that decides it for you, or should you go hunting for what to unpack first? We’re breaking down our tips to get your new home as liveable as possible and as stress-free as possible.

Moving into a New Apartment Suddenly

Get some furniture

If you are an entry-level adult, perhaps having just stumbled out of the nest or a university dorm room, chances are you don’t have any major furniture. You might be without a bed, a sofa, or a TV stand. We all have to go through the act of bed shopping and wondering if we’ve actually been uncomfortable our whole lives and just didn’t notice or complain, and then seeing the price tag and deciding we had no right to complain.

Don’t worry too much. There are options for those who need some help paying for their furniture. Furniture financing for bad credit deals means that even if you’re bogged down with student debt, you’ll be able to sleep comfortably tonight and worry about paying for it tomorrow (or even further down the line).

What do you need immediately?

Quick, what season is it? Summer? Then those long winter coats and the skis can stay in their boxes for now. If you have a cupboard big enough, or even a spare room, shove everything in there the second you move in. A better option is even a storage unit. Put everything away, out of sight and out of mind.

Rarely do we move in a bubble with no other obligations, so if you, for example, have work and to get the kids to school the next day, you’re going to need the essentials but not much else. Before moving out of your last place, fill a few boxes with clothes, toiletries, and food, and put that away first. You can brush your teeth and cook a meal, but the condiments and your overnight face mask can wait until you get to their respective boxes.

This way, you can take your time and get to items when you get to them, so you’re not stressing about getting the place in tip-top shape.

Ban visitors, unless…

In the spirit of reducing stress and taking your time unpacking, make sure it’s obvious that visitors wanting to see your new home are not likely to be welcome unless they have plans to help you unpack. You can make this whole escapade into a fun time with the right amount of pizza, tunes and coordination. No doubt your friends were called upon to get some furniture into the apartment. Asking them to help out with the unpacking further down the line can help you out too.

But the inquisitive neighbor who wants to judge your interior design style can wait until you are well and truly settled into your new home.

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